A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 412

Pit part 102

Salim and Karaja go to the pub where Salim usually goes and drink together. Karaja is happy to be with his father, but he blames himself for Salim's fight with the family, and Salim says: "It's not your fault, Karaja." I started this fight because of the way your uncle and grandmother treated you! Karaja says: "But dad, don't bother yourself." They don't listen to you. you are like me No one sees you. Once in a while, do what you feel. Salim says: "Don't worry about anything and trust me." I will not let anyone hurt you. »

Genghis and Chaetai stare at movies of little men together. Chaetai tells his father that he doesn't trust Yamach, and Genghis says, "But I have a contract with him." You cannot bypass the rules. He is with us. And leaves the room. Chaetai says under his breath after he leaves: "But I didn't make a date with him, Dad!" Then he stares at the movies and says: "Now which one is their turn!" And he chooses one. A little later, Genghis calls Yamach and Chaetai tells him that they have a task of transporting materials for the night, which he must do. "But I'm not going to do what you want," says Yamach. I work for your father. Chaetai also says: "Anyone who works for my father is my subordinate!" And after Yamach leaves, he says to his father: "We can't trust him!" He does not do our work. Genghis says: "At least I want to try my luck and get to know my side." »

Vartlo and Yamach go to Iskandar who has regained consciousness and Yamach asks him who Khalil Ibrahim is. Iskandar also says that Khalil Ibrahim was supposed to cooperate with him and is a rival of Genghis. A little later, Nadim calls Iskander and asks him to visit him, and Iskander agrees with Yamach's approval. After that, Yamach and Wartlow go to a pub at night and drink together. Wartlow talks about being neither a good father nor a good husband, and Yamach offers him to take everything out of Saadat's heart, and Wartlow goes straight to Saadat and asks: "Define your task." do you want me or not Are you happy if it's not me? Saadat says no, and Wartlow happily closes her eyes and takes her to the back of the yard and shows Saadat his surprise that he has made it rain flowers with the help of Madad. Both of them start dancing with a soft song and at the end, Wartlow tells Saadat that he wants a baby girl and Saadat accepts...

Damela gently tells Jomali that she should talk to Karaja who is not feeling well. Jumali also decides to do this, but Ayesha stops him and says that Karaja does not need his words! And he even tells the Sultan that he won't listen to his words anymore and only listens to Salim! Jumali gets angry at his behavior and Damla's efforts to calm him down are useless. Damla goes to Ayesha and asks her what her pain is. Ayesha says: "Why does he want to talk to Karaja now? They should have thought about it when they gave him a gun and killed him! At the same time, Sultan said to Damla in the middle of their conversation: "Let's go to the neighborhood kitchen." Ayesha just remembered to be a mother! Ayesha is also upset by his words.

Uncle asks Salim and Mateen to take care of people's needs because Jumali is busy and doesn't pay attention to the neighborhood. They go to Ahmed and some others together and find out that their weapons are sold out and Ahmed says: "On the other hand, no one is buying the weapons we used for the recent attacks." And when Salim and Uncle stare at him with a questioning look, Mateen explains that he made this decision to help Yamach and solve a problem in the neighborhood, and Salim and Uncle tell him that he did a good job, and Uncle says: "Then Yamach reached Dad Mahalah again..." Salim tells Mateen not to tell Jumali anything about this. On the other hand, Farhad informs Jomali that he heard that Mateen went to help Yamach at Wartlo's request, and this angers Jomali, and he quickly drives himself home, where he sees Vartlo and goes to him and says: "You don't seem to know your limits! "I did what was necessary," says Wartlow. You who don't know yourself anymore, you little Jomaly! Uncle and Salim arrive and Salim says to Jomali: "He did the right thing!" Jomali says: "No one should have anything to do with the pit." I am enough for the pit! Wartlow smiles and says: "You are not anymore!" If you were, there would be no need for Yamach. Yamach didn't even enter the pit and was able to save the neighborhood again! Salim turns to Jumali and says: "If you want to be the father of the pit, don't come and wander around in it!" These words make Jumali angry and he turns to Wartlo and says: "I know why you love Yamach." Because both of you are the same. You are the murderer of the brother and the murderer of the father! "Wartlow is very upset by his words and Jumali continues: "Now that you love him so much, get out of the pit! Pray to the soul of Idris that he will not kill you. If you don't go, I will put a bullet in your head right in front of your wife and children! Wartlow says without fear: "Yala kill!" Shooting at your brother has nothing to do with you! But Saadat walks forward with tears in his eyes and says to Vartlo: "Saleh, I will leave you." Vartlo stares at Jomali with hatred and says: "I will come back." I will come back when they kill you on the ground! And he leaves there and goes to Yamach and tells him the whole story. Later, Yamach asks him to help him in the process of transporting the Ardantes.

Alicho goes to the kitchen of the neighborhood while he is calm and unfocused and asks Sultan to talk and says that he has something important to say. He takes Sultan to his house and tells exactly the story Wartlow told him about Yamach's innocence in the death of Idris. Sultan, who just found out what happened, is shocked and starts crying, and Alicho can't calm him down either.

Akin is talking to Wartlow on the phone. Jumali enters the coffee house and stares at him suspiciously and then says: "Come here to see me!" What are you hiding from me? "Akin, who is a little scared, finally says: "Wartlo called me and said that tonight Yamach is going to transfer Ardet's goods and he wanted to know if you are going to stop them or not! Jomali also says: "Go tell them that little Jomali doesn't want to do anything!" Then, away from Ekin's eyes, he goes to the neighborhood and says to the youth: "Anyone who wants to come with me." We have an operation tonight! »

"I took you more seriously than you think," Chaetai tells Yamach in front of the warehouse. Our conditions are similar to everyone else. We both lost a brother and let the killer go between us! I will not pass this without my brother's blood. »

Jumali follows Yamach and the Ardantes' truck and then gets them stuck somewhere on the road and a fight ensues where even Yamach shoots at the Ardantes' people so that the pits remain safe. Jumali traps him and knocks him unconscious with successive slaps. Then he sets fire to the Jordanets and leaves Yamach unconscious there and says: "If you want to play with fire. You have to play like this! And he leaves Yamach there, but then he can't bear it and immediately takes him away from the fire place and takes him to a corner and leaves himself. Wartlow immediately rushes to Yamach and brings him back to his senses. Yamach also goes to Genghis and Chaetai and says that they were attacked and he doesn't even know whose work it was and then leaves the room! Chaetai grins and says, "Didi, I was right!" I didn't leave the goods in their hands in advance, I left them to our own people, and it will reach its destination in a few minutes! »

Yamach goes to see the enchantment at night. Afsun is shocked to see him and then distances himself from him and asks him to leave. Yamach embraces her between her struggles, which dispels her spell. But Yamach approaches him again and says: "I know you killed Maqboole because of me." Afsun cries and asks him not to say anything, but Yamach continues: "Nothing will change if I don't say anything." You have to accept this. I know you did it because you loved me and wanted to protect me. I would do the same for you. » The spell calms down and Yamach kisses him. Then he makes him sleep next to him and tells him stories. A little later, Afsun says about her grandmother who constantly threatened her: "She told me that she won't let you live or this..." and puts her hand on her stomach. Yamach stares at him while shocked and says incantation: "If you don't want it, I will abort it..." Yamach immediately says with gusto: "I want it. And embraces the charm.

Salim and Amo discuss the problems of the neighborhood with Jumali. Jomali knows that they don't have any money and he goes to someone named Sarmad to borrow money from him, but Sarmad says that he cannot lend him money until he brings him a reliable document. Although it is difficult for Jumali, he has to hand over the documents of the houses in the neighborhood, which are in the name of Idris, to Sarmad and says: "Let this be your loan, so I can arrange your money and bring it to you!" Sarmad also promises him, but Ramzi, who is in the neighborhood, understands this and takes Sarmad to Chaetai, and Sarmad gives the documents to Chaetai without resistance and willingly.

When Damla enters the house, she faces the reproachful looks of Saadat and Ayesha. He goes upstairs to talk to Sultan, but since entering the house, Sultan has been lying on the bed crying. Karaja goes to Damla and asks her not to have anything to do with Sultan for now. Damla takes the opportunity to tell Karaja to go and talk to Jumali. Karaja also does the same thing and Jumali gently sits in front of him and takes his hands and says: "Karaja, you did the right thing. Although it's hard, you did what you had to do. God, if I had known about the case, I would have never let your hands get stained with blood. Karaja says: "I know, uncle." But I am not comfortable. The charm is still alive. Azar himself said that Afson was also involved in the death of Baba Bozur. Jomali gets angry and asks him for the address of the charm, and Karaja says that Akin probably knows his address. Jomali goes directly to Akin and asks him for the address. Akin hesitates and says that he doesn't know anything, and Jumali gets up with anger and goes to Ramzi and asks him for the charm. Ramzi also says that he knows the address of his house.

Iskander calls Yamach and tells him that Khalil Ibrahim has gone to Afghanistan and that he is going there today. Yamach asks him to see each other before leaving and on the other hand he informs Wartlow to come. Then he inevitably entrusts Wartlow to go to Afghanistan with Iskandar and find Khalil Ibrahim for him. Wartlow agrees. After Wartlow leaves, Akin sends a message to Yamach, saying that Jomali learned about the charm from him, and Yamach rushes off.

Jomali arrives at the door of Efsun's house and Efsun is shocked to see him. Jumali enters his house and says: "Do you know who I am?" Afsun confirms with his head and Jomali immediately pulls out his gun and faces him and says: "Hello, I brought you a little Idris..!"


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