A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 410

Pit part 100

Seren is worried about Arike and calls him one after another to find out how he is, someone knocks on his door, and Seren opens the door while pointing a gun, and Jomali comes forward and gives Seren an envelope. He gives it and says: "Give this to Chaetai, but don't open it." private Seren immediately calls Chaeta and says that he will send him an envelope from Jumali. After that, Chaetai entrusts one of his men to call their infiltrator in the pit and get information from him. He also calls Ramsi who is in prison and says that he will release him from prison no matter what, on the condition that he also penetrates through Akin into the small towns and delivers the first class news to him.

Rashid Fazlullah is eating breakfast when he gets the news that Iskandar was killed in the hotel last night. And he hurriedly and angrily goes to see Jordan and tells him: "I am stronger than you in my country." I had warned. Now if Alexander is dead, I will go to war with you! On the way, Yamach also sees Rashid Fazlullah and asks him to leave the pit for now so that Yamach can solve the problem himself.

The envelope that Seren sends to Jumali reaches him. Chaeta opens the envelope and laughs when he sees it. Arik's blood necklace with a note from Jumali that says: You took a joon from me, I took a joon from you. We lost count. Chaetai immediately calls Genghis and shows him the necklace via video call. Seeing Arik's bloody necklace, Genghis becomes disgusted and cries. He tells Seren to call Yamach. Then he angrily turns to Yamach: "He killed my son!" Those who do this should be held accountable! Yamach gets worried and shocked when he hears this news, and Seren hardly stops crying.

Jomali and Salim go to the roof with uncle to talk to him. They slowly ask uncle why he planned to go to Silyuri and Pesh Pasha that day. Uncle gets angry and says that there was nothing like that and then he hurriedly goes to Alicho and says while he is upset: "Do you remember I gave you a note to give to Yamach if I die?" I'm telling you now that... if one day I forget everything, give this note to the person who became the head of the pit at that time..."

Yamach enters the pit and plans to see Jumali immediately. Farhad and the youth of the neighborhood stop Yamach and say that Jumali has forbidden him to enter. Yamach gets angry and shouts at Farhad to go quickly and call Jomali, otherwise he will deal differently. Farhad hurriedly calls Jomali. Seeing Jomali, Yamach angrily says to him, "Do you understand the mistake you made? Jomali says with anger and greed: "Be careful what you say!" Obviously, your owner has understood and informed what happened! If we were to let every dog in here, it would not be possible to live from the filth! Yamach, who sees that his words have no effect on him, says: "You killed his son!" Welton doesn't care. I miss you Jomali also shouts and says emphatically: "I am taking care of the pit." Caring for the family of Mme. I will do whatever is necessary. If necessary, I will kill you! You don't want to take care of us. Get lost now, I don't want to see you anymore! »

At the coffee shop, Wartlow talks to Salim about Yamach and explains how he is single-handedly trying to protect the Pit from the Ardents. Salim says: "I know we burned Yamach's heart because they burned our hearts." For example, do you want to kill our father? Wartlow doesn't have an answer and Salim leaves the cafe.

Yamach tells Genghis: "I understood that someone wanted to lead Arik to the pit so that he would fight with us. That is, some people wanted him dead. Give me a chance to find the main causes of Arik's death. Genghis gives him 24 hours.

The funerals of the youths of the neighborhood and Arik are held simultaneously in the presence of their families. Yamach is present at Arik's ceremony and is standing in a corner. Ogday and his mother Soraya are there reluctantly and they want the ceremony to end soon. Soraya taunts Arik's mother and says: "In fact, your child was lost because of your greed." Arik's mother gets very angry, but Seren controls her and the discussion ends soon. Arik's mother asks Seren to bring Yamach to her room.

In the room, Arik's mother politely and spitefully tells Yamach: "Stay between us." This family is not what you think. You have to be careful. Genghis does not trust anyone. And he does not show mercy to anyone. He killed his 40-year-old friend very easily. That's why you need an ally. I am ready to be with you. But I have a condition. I want Soraya to understand what the pain of losing a child is like. I want Ogday to die. Yamach looks at him with surprise.

Ramsey goes to the pit to see Akin. The child of his old places does not enter there. But Mateen only allows him to leave for a few minutes and see his mother. Ramsay secretly goes to a ruin and calls Akin and tells him: "If you don't want me, fine. But I know more than you think. I know about Yujal, Afsun and Azar. Akin, under pressure, goes to see Ramzi at the same time. But since Salim suspects his son, Jomali chases Akin. Akin, who was going to threaten Ramzi with a knife, gathers himself when he sees Jumali and pretends that he came there to give Ramzi a sum of money. Ramzi also confirms his words.

Genghis asks Cern to tell Yamach everything he knows about Arik so that Yamach can find his enemies. Seren shows Yacoub's photo to Yamach and says that he took refuge in Gudal's coffee house when he was being chased by Arik. Yamach goes to the place where Yaqoob has been hiding for a while and finds a package of one-time matches. He goes to that bar and investigates about Jacob.

Sultan goes to the sanatorium and takes Nahir home. Nahir immediately agrees and says that he is bored. He quickly packs his things. But when he gets into the car, he runs away. Some time later, when he is hiding in a garbage can, he meets Alicho and invites him to come to his house. Nahir goes to a big house with only one old servant. The servant is happy to see him and says: "Thank God." Finally, you have come, Nahir, lady. Nahir tells Alicho in the living room: "My family has been dead for a long time." I am alone here. »

Yamach, knowing that he is always being followed by Genghis' men, goes to the public bath so that he can speak to Wartlow in private. He says: "The Jordanians are not like us. Looking for opportunities to hit each other. I have to penetrate them. But before that, there is an important task that you must help me with. »

Vartlo, who took the photo of Yaqoob from Yamach, shows it to Nadim and asks: "Have you seen this person before?" Nadim gets a little scared but says: "I saw." in the coffee house He came that night, asked about Jumali and left. "We understand what happened," Wartlow says with a sarcastic tone. »

That night, Yamach sees the nearby pit of Nadim and the breath of the women tells him: "It's good to see you. You must help me. Because I can't go to the pit. We have to get this Jacob. Then, along with Nadim, he attacks the house where Yaqoob is hiding. He kills all the guards and keeps Jacob alive and starts beating him. A little later, in front of Nadim, he pretends that something happened to him. He hands Jacob to Nadim and leaves the house. Yamach, who had an appointment with Genghis nearby, goes there and tells him: "Arik's enemy, the ones who threw him in the pit, are these. They listen to the voices of Nadim and Yaqoub. Nadim strangles Yaqoub and quickly runs away. When Yamach returns to that house, he encounters Yaqoob's body and starts chasing Nadim. Nadim, who knows that Yamach is not allowed to enter the pit, goes there and limps into the coffee house. He is scared and while pretending to be scared, he explains to Jumali and Salim that Yamach attacked him for no reason. The youths of the neighborhood do not allow Yamach to enter the pit, and he is forced to call Wartlow and tell him the story. Wartlow quickly goes to the coffee house and says to his brothers: "The person who sent Arik to the pit is sitting in front of you. We were not the only enemy of Arik. That's why Yamach is following him. Jumali does not allow him to take Nadim with him and says to Wartlo outside the coffee shop: "That person is a pit." I will protect him. My pit, my pit. And my words. Tell Yamach, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Wartlow stared at him with surprise, but inside he was greedy. Wartlow reaches Yamach and tells him the story.

The next morning, Akin visits Ramsey with a sack. Jumali chases him again. Salim goes with his uncle who is going to provide Aykot with a job. Wartlow goes to a restaurant at Madd's insistence.

Genghis calls Yamach to his room and tells him: "Although there are other people to blame for my son's death. But the one who took Arik's life is your brother. Do you think I will let my son's blood stay on the ground? Then he takes Yamach to a room to explain something to him. Genghis Khan says: "They were a family with nothing left of them." Because I killed them all and eradicated them. It was interesting that no one from that family killed my son. The hostility between us was very small. » The picture of Wartlow, Salim and Jumali and Ekin and little Idris playing in the park is shown on the screen for Yamach. All of them are in the crosshairs of Genghis's people. Genghis says to Yamaj: "It's your last chance to say goodbye to your brothers and sons." Then you are the only man left in your family. Although you are not a little girl anymore. Yamach looks at him with hatred.


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