A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 409

Pit part 99

Yamach points the gun at Genghis from behind, but when he fires, the gun is empty, and Genghis turns to him with a smile, and then a large number of his men surround him. Vartlo, along with Madd and Alicho, when they see the situation, decide to leave so that no one will find them and Yamach won't be in trouble. "I knew you," Genghis says to Yamach. I knew you would attack me one day, but you still didn't recognize me! On the same day and a few hours earlier, Genghis had noticed his conversation with Wartlo through the clip of Yamach's tie, which he had placed a wiretap in, and ordered his men to find the desired weapon and empty its magazine. Genghis orders one of his men to put on Yamach's bulletproof vest and then gives him one of his empty rifle bullets and shoots Yamach's heart with his hunting rifle. Yamach falls on the ground in great pain and Genghis goes to him and says: "Hold that bullet so that whenever you look at it, you will remember today!" »

After the coffee house becomes quiet in the neighborhood and only Nadim remains, he goes to the back door of the coffee house and scolds Yaqoob that he should stay there and not make a sound until the water falls from the mill.

Arik plans to attack the pit to take back his favorite horse Shamshak and raze the pit to the ground! Seren tries to dissuade him from harming himself, but Arik is determined. At the same time, Genghis calls Cern and asks for Arik, and Cern gives Arik the phone to stop him. Genghis asks his son to come to him immediately, and after this call, Arik stares angrily at Seren.

A person named Sarwar goes to see Genghis and tells Genghis in front of Arik and Yamach that they should kill someone named Iskander Gholam Shahi without mentioning his name. Genghis refuses at first and says that this is a personal matter and does not concern him. Sarwar also mentions that he is one of his most important partners in Afghanistan. Genghis inevitably tells Arik that they should go with Yamach for this job. Arik protests, but Genghis tells him that he has no right to protest, and on the other hand, he should take care of Yamach and Yamach should take care of Arik's life, and if something happens to the contrary, he will not forgive either of them.

On the other hand, Iskandar Gholam Shahi goes to Rashid Fazlullah and says that he knows Sarwar is planning to kill him and will do this through Genghis and asks Rashid to talk to Genghis and prevent this from happening. to be Rashid Fazlullah also goes to see Genghis and when he mentions his name, Yamach stares at him with a confused expression. Rashid tells Genghis: "Don't interfere in Afghanistan's affairs. And Genghis also says: "We did not have such an intention by nature!" Rashid Fazlullah gets up and leaves without a word. Yamach accompanies him and Rashid tells him that if something bad happens to Iskander, it will be bad for him and Godal too! Yamach gets nervous and doesn't say anything and immediately calls Wartlow to meet and ask for his help. On the way, he is so angry about what happened that he unties his tie and throws it away.

Mateen goes to Sultan's house to give a report about Nahir. Before his meeting with Sultan, Ayesha asks Mateen if he has any news about Akin or not. Mateen also says that Jumali took Akin to the doctor's uncle! Ayesha secretly leaves the house without anyone noticing, and Karaja, who is watching her, follows her.

Arik goes to Afsun's house and encounters the dead bodies of his people and the house in a mess. He enters the house and sees Afsun upset. Afsun stares at him with fear, and when Arik asks about Maqboola from him, Afsun lies that he has returned to Sweden! But Arik says: "Come to your senses and first collect these messes and then collect your grandmother's body from the pool and then send it to Sweden!" Otherwise you will be in trouble! Afsun stares at him without saying a word and Arik asks: "Do you really love him that much?" Afsun doesn't say anything again and Arik leaves.

Ayesha goes to Akin who is unconscious. Akin opens his eyes a little later and talks about the dream he had last night and the hero inside him. He remembers that in his childhood days Uncle Kaharman was even more careful and attentive to him than his father and he tells his mother: "Uncle loved me even more than my father..." Ayesha stares at him helplessly and thinks. Kand says that he is delirious and then leaves and calls Salim to take Akin to the hospital, but Salim ignores his words and says that it is better to take care of Karaja and stay with his uncle. When Ayesha leaves, Ekin leaves and Karaja follows her. Ekin goes to the roof and stares at the ground and the sky for a while, and then takes a step forward to relieve himself, but Karaja grabs him from behind and prevents him from committing suicide. A little later, Akin says to Karaja: "I didn't want Toram to be blamed like Uncle Yamach and to be punished for something you didn't know..." Karaja says kindly: "You knew from the beginning and wanted to inform me, but I I did not get. I accept my mistake and I'm sorry.. I don't know what you did, but rest assured, they will forgive you... you can fix everything...” Akin cries and Karaja hugs him and his face changes And he says: "That day will come!" Do not forget! »

Genghis informs Arik and Yamach that they have found Alexander's place. Seren goes with them and they enter a hotel. Without paying attention to Yamach, Arik goes ahead of him and knocks the guards aside with his gun. Yamach has a crush on him. They look for Iskandar from room to room until Cern finds him in the big hall of the hotel. Iskander is trapped in that hall and has no way to escape and hides between the chairs. When Arik and Yamach arrive there, there is no sign of Iskander. Yamach says to Arik, who sees his presence in this mission as pointless: "If you knew how to go it alone, your father would never hand you over to me!" Arik stares at him with anger and then punches him in the face. Yamach gets into a fight with him, and during this fight, he notices Iskandar hiding, but he doesn't bring it to himself. Arik Nagafel hits him and then kicks him in the face, causing Yamach to faint. He picks up his gun to leave when he notices Iskandar and kills him without hesitation. Then he points the gun at Yamach, who is unconscious, but says under his breath: "Go and pray to Genghis Jordan that you are still alive!" »

Arik goes to the youths of the neighborhood who take his horse, Shamshak, by Jomali's order and beats them all up! Then he takes Shamshak to his stable with love. When Jomali hears this news, he angrily attacks one of the Ardanets' warehouses with some people. When Genghis hears this news, he angrily scolds Yamach and tells him that he had better go and solve this issue with his brother, otherwise he will intervene himself! Just when Jomali and the others are about to attack, Yamach steps forward and says to Jomali: "Don't do it bro! Jomali also says: "I told you to stop me if you can!" Yamach also lights his lighter and throws it into the trench that was dug in advance and filled with wood and oil, which causes the fire to spread in front of Jumali and the others and become like a dam. Jumay stares at Yamach with anger and says: "This won't end here, kid! »

Genghis blames Arik for causing this war and conflict over a horse, but Arik angrily tells him: "He is not just any horse. I will not listen to you when the discussion of Shamshak is in the middle! Shamshak is very dear to me because it is the first and only gift you bought for me! »

Akin goes to Wartlow and says that he also believes Yamach and will do whatever he can to help. Wartlow takes a look at him and at first refuses to involve him in these things, but with Ekin's insistence, he sends him to the charm that Yamach had already given him to keep an eye on him. Ekin approaches the enchantress, who is still cowering and scared, and kindly says that she has come to help. He goes out of town with Fasun to bury the bodies. Akin talks about Idris Kochvali's blood on both of their hands, but Afsun says, "I had no idea what was going to happen." I only gave him the money that Yujel wanted. But don't be afraid, I will pay for everything and make up for all my mistakes. Afsun stares at him with concern.

Shab Nadim frees Jacob. Then, when some young people are playing football and Wartlow is with them, Arik's people attack the neighborhood and shoot everyone and even shell the houses. With the help of Salim, Jomali and Uncle Vartlo, Arik's people finally get out of the way. But Jumali gets angry when he sees the corpse of the young people and tells Mateen and Salem to go with him and they go to Arik's stable at night and entrusts Mateen to kill Shamshak! Mateen hesitates to do this when Jomali returns in the middle of the road and tells Mateen not to have anything to do with this animal and instead puts a gun to the head of one of Eric's men to call him and tell him that Jomali killed Shamshak. Is. Upon hearing this news, Eric gets ready in a hurry and even pushes aside Genghis who came to stop him and shouts: "There are more important and valuable things in the world for me than you!" He goes to the roof and the meeting place with Jumali and pulls out his gun. But Jumali has a knife in his hand, and Arik politely puts the gun aside and pulls out his knife. Both attack each other and engage. Arik plunges the knife into Jomali's stomach and then when Jomali is on the ground, he goes towards him to aim at his heart, but Jomali tries to stop his knife with his bare hands and pushes him, which causes Arik's necklace to break. be ripped off Arik says angrily to Jomali: "There is nothing left to send you to your unborn child!" Jomali catches the blood in front of his eyes and suddenly pulls out his gun and shoots at Arik and then several more shots right in the middle of his chest until Arik stumbles and falls to the ground behind his head. He falls and dies. Jumali smiles at his corpse and then goes to Shamshak, wounded and tired, and caresses him.


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