A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 404

Pit part 92

Yamach is busy with his mind to trap Chaeta. Wartlow asks him if he still doesn't want to inform Salim or Jumali, to which Yamach says no. He has a plan and sends Jalason and Mecca after Alicho. Yamach brings Amir to him and asks him to talk a little about Chaetai and who he works with. Amir says that he knows that recently Chaetai has been working with a Russian named Boris Koncheski, but he does not know the time and place of transporting the materials. Wartlow suggests that they can find out through Morteza, but Amir says that's not a good idea! Yamach thinks and asks Alicho to find the files related to Boris from the information they have.

On the other hand, Salim and Jomali are sitting on the roof of the house. Salim asks him to put their thoughts together so that they can find a suitable solution to destroy Chaetai, but Jomali is a man of action and says that he cannot wait and digest these issues and gets angry and breaks up with him. becomes

Jalason takes Yamach out of the house alone and says that Azar saw Karaja in the middle of the night and that they were intimate and he is worried that Azar will hurt him! Yamach gets angry and asks Jalason not to tell anyone else about this. At the same time, Chaetai calls him and says that his time is up and he has to hand over Jumali to him. Yamach smirks and says that he would never sell his brother to him, and Chaetai decides to send his men after Jumali himself. Then Chaetai goes to Morteza and asks questions to make sure of him. But he does not believe his words at all.

Yamach asks Vartlo to go after Boris, and he takes over the protection of Jomali himself and sends Mahson to Jomali. Alicho also reports that he got useful information from Boris.

Jumali walks alone in the streets and visits Idris's grave. All the time Mahsoun is behind him and watching him. Jumali notices him and kills him at a suitable opportunity. Mahsoun wants to explain to him that he came from Yamach, but Jomali, who does not trust him, fights with him and they both fall into each other's lives. Jumali is serious about killing him, but Mahsoun defends himself well. In the end, Jumali knocks him unconscious and soon he notices that people are coming towards them. Both of them get rid of Chaetai's people with their help, even Mahsoun saves him from one of them/ Jumali also trusts Mahsoun.

Yamach follows Boris, but his men trap him and handcuff him. Boris comes to see her and says that he is going to hand her over to Chaetai and not get involved in their conflict. Then he calls Chaeta and says that tonight when they are going to deliver the goods, he will also deliver Yamach to him.

Wartlow goes to Boris's door. Alicho takes care of him from a distance and with the help of the guards they kill his house guards and enter Boris's house. Wartlow disarms him and asks when he is going to deliver the sexes to Chaeta, and Boris says that in an hour, but without him, Chaeta will not show himself. Just then, when Boris sees Wartlow distracted, he takes out his gun to shoot at him, but Alicho kills Boris on the spot. Wartlow is upset that they have lost their only chance.

Chaetai goes to Morteza and says that he received a message from Wartlo who wrote: Tonight we are going to take Chaetai's sex. Make sure that he goes to the appointment to pick it up! And he asks Morteza to account for this. Morteza thinks a little and says: "They think I am on their side, but it is not so!" Tonight, they want to take your sex and they want me to keep you here somehow, and if I can't, they will kill me! Chaetai says that he doesn't believe what he said at all, and if what he said is a lie, he will kill him after tonight.

Chaetai's people attack Jomali and Mahsoun again, but at the same time, a few remaining black sheep come to their aid, and then Mahsoun hands over Jomali to them, and then goes to rescue Yamach and frees him. . Yamach immediately calls the policeman who was supposed to cooperate with him and gives the address of the place where Chaetai meets Boris and says that this time he has to catch Chaetai.

Chaeta goes on a date with Boris and instead of Boris, Wartlo appears in his dress! Chaetai is shocked to see him and shortly after the police arrest them. When Yamach sees that Wartlow is also arrested, he asks the police to release him because he has nothing to do with these cases. The police say that they can't do anything now, but they will try later.

That night, Afsun is happy to see the news of Chaeta being trapped, and a little later, Yamach comes to see him. Afsun is happy to see him, but Yamach asks him why he got involved in Chaetai's story and went to see him, while Yamach insisted that Afsun should have nothing to do with Chaetai again! Afsun says that only he could have sent Morteza to Chaetai as an influence. Yamach Kalafe says: "I don't know why when you talk to this guy he accepts so quickly! Mataeni, did you just talk to him to convince him? Afsun gets upset and angry at his statement and says that he did nothing but talk to Chaetai. Then he tells her sadly: "You don't have the right to talk to me like that when you are sleeping with another woman at night when you are not with me!" Yamach remains silent and does not say anything. Afsun stares at him sadly and Yamach leaves.

After the news of his brother's arrest, Arik Ardanet is impatiently waiting for his father's call. Genghis finally calls him and entrusts the work to him, and Arik is happy about this.

Jumali and Salim blame Yamach for handing Chaetai over to the police alive. They walk together to destroy Chaetai anyway. Yamach stops them and beats them from behind so that they don't go anywhere! All the people of the house come out of their beatings and Sultan tells Salim and Jumali not to make a mistake! Yamach takes them both to the playground and asks Amir to tell them what he told him. Amir explains that Genghis Ardent is a good person from the outside, but from the inside he controls 80% of Turkish materials, which Chaeta does his father's dirty work, while Boge Dai, the other eldest son of Genghis, maintains his reputation through money laundering in the pharmacy. he does. Genghis has four sons, Chaetai and Arik from one mother and Boge Dai and Kulkan from another son. This family has not been found for 150 years and Yamach did something that finally caught Chaetai! After hearing all these words, Jumali says again that they should destroy Chaetai completely and takes Salim with him!

Jalason is monitoring Karaja at Yamach's request. He notices that Karaja left the house again and they go near the beach with Azar, and he sees that even Azar puts his hand around Karaja's neck and hugs him. He also tells Yamach this news but only says that the two were very close and it's obvious that there is something between them.

Yamach visits Vartlo and tells about his problems with Jumali and Salim and the conflicts between them. Wartlow says that Idris always told them not to fight and compete, and an idea comes to Yamach's mind and he gathers some young people from the neighborhood and even Mitten and plays football with Jomali and Salim. In the end, he says to all of them, especially Jomali and Salim: "You enter a game and you think that everyone is playing like you, but no one pays attention to your rules." You got angry with yourself because you failed... we have to pay for our failure? Or maybe we are going to eat ourselves and then each other out of greed and anger? We must remember who we are! What are you waiting for to stand up brother?! At the same time, Ikut gets up from his wheelchair and stares at Yamach! Yamach looks at him proudly and says: "Aikot hasn't left the house for years and sees everyone from the window of his room... He has never lost hope!" Who are you when he is not angry?! Everyone is affected by his words and keeps silent!

A small family gathered together. Jalason and Amiro Mateen are also with them. Without introduction, Yamach tells them that Jalason and Karaja should get married! Everyone stares at him in surprise. The next day in the market, Salim tells him why he didn't tell him anything and didn't ask for his opinion! Yamach does not say anything and Jumali informs that Chaetai has been released from prison. Chaeta goes directly to his father and then he is fired by his father's request and he goes to Arik and says that he should pay attention to things in his absence because he will come back! And he will not mind if he teaches a lesson to the little ones. In the end, he leaves the charm to him. On the same day, Arik goes alone and carefree to the pit and walks in its streets and then waits in the coffee house. Yamach happens to go to the coffee house and confronts him. After introducing himself, Eric says that he hopes to fill his brother's place for them! Yamach stares at him.


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