A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 400

Pit part 61

Salim is not feeling well after being shot by Madd and is undergoing surgery. Yamach is very upset about this and quickly reaches the place that was protected by Makkah and uncle all the time and points his gun at someone and says: "You caught one of my brothers and that one is also dying." . If Salim dies, I will not let you live. It turns out that all this time Yamach had been hiding Wartelo from everyone with the help of Makkah. Wartlow replies: "Then kill me!" Haven't you kissed me yet? »

Five days before these events and before the day of the incident, Yamach planned everything. He goes to see Jalason and asks him for help. Jalason first gets upset and says: "Brother, this person killed my father." Toram's brother killed. Then you come and tell me that we have to let him run away?! Yamach just looks at him. Then he calls Makkah and Makkah says to Jalason: "Are you still my brother?" They both smile at each other and hug each other tightly. Yamach says to them: "Mecca, you are waiting in the neighborhood for Wartlow's car." Jalason, you have seen the desired place. Run Wartlow out of the back garden until we attack. Jalason agrees and Yamach continues: "Before he starts the car, immediately hit him in the head and get in your car and go." I already found an unemployed person to sit behind the wheel instead of Wartlow and drive from there to the neighborhood, and then when he saw Mecca, he quickly went to the trunk without anyone seeing him. "... But what Yamach did not foresee was that people from Baikal attacked Wartlow's car and killed that person. And then, according to the plan, they take the unconscious Wartloy to a place where only Jalasun and Makkah and then Uncle know and imprison him. A little later, Wartlow comes to his senses and after a bit of gazing, he is helped by Makkah. A little later, Yamach comes to Wartlow and angrily tells him: "I caused the death of an innocent child to save you. Do you know who shot him? The same honorable gentleman whom you trust a lot! Wartlow is shocked by this. A little later he says: "So now I'm dead?" Yamach says: "Yes." Burying the corpse. God bless you! Wartlow says with a little pause: "Does your father know about me?" Yamach answers: "No." The one who killed his son is dead. Wartlow says: "Now you don't know what to do with me, do you?" Yamach remains silent and Wartlow says loudly: "I told you in the cemetery that I am ready to die." Yamach says: "I didn't do it for you, I did it for my dad." Wartlow says with a smile: "How does your father know that there is a child named Saleh?! Yamach's eyes fill with tears and he remains silent. Wartlow realizes that Qasim has already told Idris everything. Wartlow is furious and says, "Why don't you understand, son? I came here for my revenge! I was supposed to kill Pasha and uncle, if you killed me too, it would be over. Yamach says to him in a louder voice: "I did this for my father." He lost a son. I did this so that this one won't go away..." Wartlow has contradictory feelings and says: "My father's son... what kind of person are you..."

After hearing everything from Pasha, Idris feels bad and goes to Alicho to calm down and says to him: "Help me..." and then in his arms says loudly: "Why? Why...? Then he cries a little and asks Alicho to take him to the hero's grave. He cries and says above the hero's grave: "I should have died in your place, my son... forgive me, my son... forgive me." »

Now Wartlow provokes Yamach to pull the trigger. Uncle arrives and says to Yamach: "Don't do this, my son. Salim has done well. All our hard work will go to waste... you wanted to stay alive... don't do it. After making sure of Salim's condition, Yamach lowers the gun.


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