A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 40

Pit 41-1

Idris sits in front of Salim and answers his question like this: "Have you ever heard them say that my father loved me...didn't he love me?" Salim says: "You have a special look... You never looked at me like that." I saw that you did not look at the hero and Yamach that way. Idris says: "That's right. I have never seen my father look at me or my brother Jumalim like that. But I did not shed a single tear for this matter. I didn't stab my dad from behind just because he wasn't looking at me! Salim says: "Yes, you are not like me.. You asked what you want?" If you answer me, I promise you won't see me again. "Idris says: "Have you ever loved someone?... There were three of us in Istanbul, Pasha, Amy and me. They told us the three principles of resurrection! Our pit was a pit. Being a hero and a jomali. You were not born yet. I can't sleep at night... One day Pasha said let's go outside somewhere to warm up. I wish I hadn't gone... Until that day, I had never thought about resting and letting go of work. That day I realized that I have the right to have fun... to fall in love..." Idris pauses a bit and continues: "Love is a weakness. But it is the most beautiful weakness in the world. My weakness also had a name..." Salim says: "From "M" to "A". I wish I were the seed of your prayer, I would always be by your side... Maleeha. Idris confirms and continues: "I created a new family for myself... a mother is necessary for a family... I found Sultano." my house column But when I saw Maleeha, I realized that I never fell in love... After that, my eyes could not see anyone. The pit was not what I imagined. A little later, Idris's phone rings and he moves away from Salim and answers the phone and very formally says to the person behind the line: "Ma'am... we don't have too late or too soon for you." always at my service You remembered to call me this year too... Of course... I want you every night, but this year the situation is complicated. And after a while, he stops talking. When Salim opens his eyes, he sees that he has fallen asleep on the chair. Idris pulls a blanket over him.

Mahson informs Cheto that Arsavi has found a new chemist to produce the ingredients. Chatto sends the necessary orders to Arsavi.

Saadat gives Akshin a note and asks him to deliver it to Yamach anyway and asks Akshin to hide under the blanket and not move at all. A little later they call Saadat to cook dinner. Akshin forgets the note when he is alone and tries to run away.

Wartlow and Yamach go to the new chemist of the Black Lambs and steal him even though he is accompanied by a bodyguard. They give him medicine and ask him to pour it into the black lambs material, he is afraid and says that he cannot do it. Wartlow and Yamach threaten him that if he does not do this, they will have to kill his family one by one. The young man inevitably agrees. When Yamach and Wartlo are about to leave, Jumali, who was waiting for them, stops them and says to Yamach: "You who want to destroy them from the inside, will Cheto and Mahsun die with this cartoon?! He looks at Yamach a little and continues with hatred: "Killing one of my brothers... I won't let Torm kill you." They will not calm down until they leave. Yamach says: "Brother, we can't fight with them directly. All those people are in the pit. Jomali says: "Then what will happen to my uncle Jon?" OK... I'll go my way. Then he leaves.

At Ayesha's house, everyone is worried about Akshin, who Jalason says is going to inform the police. As soon as he steps out of the door, he meets Akshine and hugs him. After Akshin says that he went home, Jalason and Ayesha tell him not to go anymore and Karaja also says that if he goes, he should also inform him so that they can go together.

Idris goes to the streets that night to take a walk when some people surround him and beat him severely. The mercenary person in the market says to him: "Did you learn well, grandpa?" Then he leaves him there. Idris gets up with difficulty and makes his way home, pretending that nothing happened.

The boy whom Saadat nursed her goes to her again, bloodied and wounded, and begs Saadat to let him run away because he was severely beaten and he is afraid of his life.

The young chemist sent everyone out to do what Yamach asked him to do. Arsavi arrives and hides in a corner and watches him, and when he tries to pour the medicine into the materials, Arsavi shoots him from behind and then hides a package of the materials in his pocket. He does and takes the medicine and pretends in front of everyone that he intended to steal. He also tells this news to Chettu and Chettu gets nervous.


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