A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 399

Pit part 57

Pasha is looking for traces of the missing son of Idris. He meets someone named Mitten, who he thinks knows something from the past. Mateen says: "I remember." Leave the child in my hands. I took it and let it go in Kartal. Machi For three or four years. Pasha does not understand anything from his words and leaves.

Hale again came to Idris with new questions. And he also says that he has been entrusted with writing a new book about Idris and his life, and he is very happy about it. Idris also promises to help him. Alicho immediately goes to the pit to tell Yamach that he saw the aura with Nazem. He is scared and upset and explains everything to Yamach but leaves immediately.

Caraja sees Mete who signals him to come down. Karaja leaves and Mete says with a scarred face: "I'm sorry sister." Jalason has no sin. Sorry. Jalason's phone rings and Karaja realizes that Jalason is nearby. He smiles and leaves.

Mateen, Kamal, and Yamach are in the car, and Kamal and Mateen suggest a football match to alleviate Yamach's discomfort. He stops them on the way. Amrah talks to him a little and likes him and then says: "What are you doing in this damn neighborhood?" Yamach sits down and asks him who he is? Amrah tells his assistant to give Yamach's answer and he says Amrah's commander! Amrah turns to Yamach and says, "Look, there was an agreement between your father and my father." It was not originally. Because the police do not agree with people like you, but you started the riot. I am the one who breaks the agreement. From now on, both the police and me will enter the pit. Yamach says to him: "Commander, don't hesitate to do anything you can!" Then he leaves there with Mateen and Kamal and goes to Idris and asks him to ask him to see who Amrah is. After asking a little, Idris says: "Adam Shireh and because he is sent from the upper ranks, they don't make his voice! It has unlimited options! The party says that it is beyond our limits, so think about it yourself! »

Jalason goes to Madd and tells him not to worry about producing drugs because the police blew up their place. Madd stubbornly does not accept. Madd even imprisons Qasim and does not release him, but Jalason goes to Qasim and tells him that he can leave. Qasim goes to Pasha and Pasha is surprised to see him and says: "Why don't you die?" You destroyed my life. Qasim says: "There is something you don't know.. That child you sent to his family has now grown up and become a man of his own, Pasha." But you can't find it anymore. is dead. You killed him! Idris killed his own son... Saleh! Pasha is shocked to hear this news and has a stroke. On the other hand, Medad prepared himself to go to Pasha's warehouse and kill him, but right at the door, people grabbed him and took him away.

Amrah attacks the pit and without finding anything, he takes Idris, Kamal, Mateen and all of them and takes them to consciousness. Yamach sees this scene but can't do anything.

Sena and Daren are sitting in their usual cafe. He hears the familiar song and sees Amrah. Amrah also stares at him. Sena's eyes fill with tears and when Daren asks her who she is? Sena answers with tears: "Brother..."


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