A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 398

Pit part 56

Jalason meets Akshin at his usual place and asks him: "I didn't do anything bad to Karaja, but he hates me. You know! Why?! Akshin explains everything to him. Jalason, who doesn't expect Akshin to do something like this, looks at him with surprise. Akshin says: "But he was the one who caused our separation. "Jelason says: "It was not his job. It was your mother who said that I don't want a man who holds a gun. Akshin gets upset after hearing this and leaves Jalason alone.

.. Jalason thinks a little and realizes that Akshin took Karaja's photos with the help of a drill. He attacks the drill and beats him badly and then says that he has to go tomorrow and apologize to Karaja. Regretting what he did, Akshin hugs Karaja without saying anything and cries.

Jamil, who is interested in Ayesha, goes with Ayesha after Salim's behavior and gives her the key to her brother's house so that she can stay there whenever she wants.

Yamach goes to Sena's house and tells his mother that he has come to bring her back home. Sultan, who has a broken heart, gives a firm answer in the negative. A little later, Yamach takes Sena to the balcony of the house and tells her: "I told you not to interfere in my work and not to put yourself in danger for me." Now the name of the person who made you call me that day and tell me the name of the spy and tell him to stop. Sena does not say anything and makes Yamaj more nervous. Yamach immediately leaves the house. Daren goes after him and gives him the name of Nazem. Yamach goes to Alicho and asks him to monitor the moderator.

A person named Amrah goes to the production site and kills everyone alone and coldly. Then he sets fire there. Then he goes to the guard and tells him: "Go and tell the police." A man named Amrah came to Istanbul and now this is his place. You can't do things like this anymore. you got it? The guard, who was seriously injured, agrees. The policemen arrive, but they have nothing to do with Amrah, and it turns out that she herself is one of the big-headed policemen.

Idris goes home and finds Akshin lying on Rath's legs. He talks to him kindly and then smells his hair from the bottom of his heart, then he looks at the hero's photos all night and cries. In the morning, he goes to the hero's grave with Yamach for the first time. Seeing the hero's grave, Yamach remembers the night when he and Wartlow fought there. Idris says angrily: "Do you know when a son dies for his father?" I didn't know either. But it's a blessing... I wish I didn't understand. When a father forgets his son's body perfume, his son dies... Your hero brother is not dead at all... Do you know why? Because I smelled Akshino's hair last night..." Then he smells Yamach and says: "You also smell the perfume of the hero's body..." and starts crying. Yamach is also crying softly with him.

Alicho is watching the moderator. A little later, he sees Hale going to Nazem's office.


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