A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 396

Pit part 51

Ayesha asks Salim to tell her somewhere so that she can get there sooner because she has something important to say. They have a date in a restaurant, and Ayesha says, "I'm divorcing you, Salim." Salim, who is not bored with his words, just says: "If you have eaten, let's go!" "Ayesha says: "You don't understand me, you don't understand. I am a woman I want to feel that they love me. Salim says: "My father does not allow it." Ayesha answers: "Did you see?" You don't want either. So why are we continuing? Salim says: "You are my only friend." And more importantly, my escape route. So you can't go anywhere until I die. »

Idris calls uncle to the coffee house and immediately brings Yamach Pasha with him. Pasha sits in a corner apart from everyone. Uncle, who is unaware of everything, asks him to sit next to him, but Yamach also asks Uncle to leave them alone. Idris does not allow this. Yamach explains everything to his uncle and finally says that Idris kicked Pasha out of the neighborhood. Yamach turns to Pasha and asks him again why he did this? Pasha Hamjanan does not say anything. Yamach angrily asks him this question again and Pasha shouts: "To take care of my family. If it is today, I will do the same thing again. "Idris says from the other side: "Why didn't you tell me?? He was my son. "Pasha firmly says: "Chukur is blood, Idris is also father. The Sultan is also our mother! Then he explains the case of thirty years ago. Idris is silent. A little later, Kamal comes to the coffee house and informs Yamach that Qasim has been taken. Yamach leaves immediately.

Wartlow goes to Qasim and controls himself not to kill him for now. Then he remembered the past and when his mother had told him a story and told him about the king's bad ministers who caused the boy to be separated from his father. Wartlow realizes that the bad minister is Pasha or Uncle, and when he asks Qasim what was the matter, he will tell the name of the bad minister on the condition that his wife and child are released. Wartlow says: "Don't say at all! I will take both of them. »

Yamach comes to see Wartlo and tells him: "Don't do what you think..." Wartlo stubbornly says: "I will take uncle too, Pasharam. I'll take you too! Yamach says: "Don't do this." War breaks out. Wartlow gets angry and orders his men to throw Yamach out. Yamach alone beats everyone one by one. Finally, Wartlo hits Yamach from behind with a stick and knocks him unconscious and then ties his hands.

Idris turns to Pasha and says: "I told you what I had to do, Pasha!" My decision is serious! Pasha gets up to leave. Uncle takes his hand and then turns to Idris and says: "The scale has two sides." To create a fit. If one of them is Pasha, he is my uncle! If there is no pasha, there is no uncle either. Pasha is a little happy with uncle's words. Idris just says: "What can I say? Let's go too! » Uncle and Pasha leave the coffee house and are surrounded by a large number of Wartlow's men.

On the other hand, Idris's heart cannot last and he tells Kamal to go and bring Pasha and Uncle back. But Alicho, who has seen everything, informs them that Vartlo has taken Uncle and Pasha.

Wartlo ties the hands of Pasha and Uncle and beats them with all his strength. But suddenly there is a sound and Wartlo goes to the yard and sees Idris with a large number of people from the neighborhood who have come because of Uncle and Pasha. Idris tells him: "Leave my brother alone!" Wartlow answers in the negative and Idris points for his men to take up arms. Wartlow does the same. They are eye to eye, and just when Jang wants to fight, Yamach arrives and stands between Wartelo and Idris.


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