A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 395

Pit part 50

Wartlow somehow finds a way to survive.

Idris informs Yamach about Pasha's departure from the pit forever. Yamach, who complains about land and time, angrily opposes and asks the reason for Idris's work. When Idris answers, Yamach gets courage and says: "Years ago you ate a wedge, a woman got pregnant from you. Pasha hid the child and the woman. Now that you understand, you want Pasha to leave here to ease your conscience. Idris gets angry and slaps Yamach hard, and when he tries to slap him for the third time, Yamach stops him. Idris kicks him out of the room. Yamach cries again and goes to Sena to rest in his arms and faints from the pressure right there at the door of Sena's house and in his arms.

When Wartlow opens his eyes, he sees Baikal above him, holding a gun to his head. Baikal asks him to tell who he is and explain everything to him. Wartlow gives him a nonchalant answer. Baikal has thrown Wartlow's people into a chamber, which will kill all of them within a minute by releasing the gas, thus threatening Wartlow. Wartlow begs, but when he sees Baikal's insistence, he tells him his real name. Then he says: "If I told you, would you still hire me from my neighborhood?" I have a personal problem with the pit. I want it to be destroyed, not to be. I could not do this alone. But he does not say that Idris is his real father and introduces the same Qasim Halwaji as his father. And he continues: "I want the destruction of Idris and Qasim. Now I will do this either with you or without you. Baikal says: "I trust people very hard. How can I trust you again? "Wartlow says again: "You were the one who found me. Why? Because I am not afraid. Because I did everything you asked. Now if you want, kill all my people one by one. I do not care. Because I'm starting from scratch again. I will find a way to survive anyway. Then he leaves there, but his thoughts are with Madad and his people, when Baikal tells him: "You have to win my trust again, Vartlo." Wartlow is happy and accepts. Baikal hands over Qasim's wife and child to him, and Wartlow thanks him.

Yamach goes to Saadat and asks him to tell him about Wartlo.

Alijo invites Hale to his house to eat breakfast and apologize.

Baikal calls Salim and asks if he can trust him instead of Wartlow. Then he looks at his monitor which shows the video of Jalal being killed by Salim... Salim promises Baikal not to destroy his trust. On the other hand, Ayesha asks Salim to come early at night so that they can have an important conversation.

Wartlow tells Noura that if she tells Qasim, he will let her and her son go. Noura doesn't say anything at first, but then she says that she once saw Qasim through a video call in a place like a hospital. Jalason immediately understands what Norah means. They have a plan to get Qasim out of there.


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