A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 394

Pit part 49

I tried to walk the rope...

After realizing that Wartlow is his brother, Yamach has a lot of conflicting thoughts. He shouts loudly and from the bottom of his heart in a corner of the city. Then he goes to the senate to rest.

After the unsuccessful suicide, Saadat was crying loudly in his house under the bathroom shower, and Makkah and Mohiuddin were sent to him so that he would not do something stupid again.

Pasha is sitting in the pub very upset and does not say anything. Mateen is also by his side and is attentive to him. Idris goes to Pasha and starts his conversation like this: "Do you like Dadest, Mateen?" Mitten says: "Can he not love his brother, father?" "Idris continues: "That's right. Sometimes he makes you angry... Is he hiding something from you? Mitten answers: "Yes, but not much." Idris confirms his words while not taking his eyes off Pasha. Mateen is a little confused and asks Idris to let him go. Idris is still staring at Pasha. Then he says loudly: "I call you brother." How are you??! Why did you hide this child from me for thirty years? Pasha says: "Should I go?" Because I don't say anything.. I tried to walk on the rope.. Thirty years ago I thought I missed it. Idris gets angry and grabs Pasha's collar and says: "What did you do to my son, Pasha?" Pasha says: "I didn't do anything." I sent it, it went... I don't know where. I am satisfied with whatever my punishment is. Idris tells him: "I will give you 24 hours to get out of here." You will also remove that tattoo. You are not a pit person anymore! Pasha forcefully swallows his anger.

Uncle is in the house with Qasim's wife and child, when someone throws tear gas inside and takes Qasim's wife and child with him. Baikal did this in order to distract Wartlow from his work. Nazem comes to Noura to ask her questions and finally finds out about Wartlo and Qasim.

Yamach goes to the uncle who has just come out of the coma and finds out that Noura and his son Hakan have been stolen. The confused uncle says: "Who could have found this place!" This is one of the safe houses. Yamach says under his breath that he guesses whose work it is.

Madd and Jalason are worried about Wartlow, who is still missing. Suddenly Jalason hears a sound and sees that some people have attacked them and taken all the guards of the house with them.

Ayesha rarely buys tea and talks to him a little here and there and finally tells him without any preamble: "I have decided to divorce Salim." It rarely fits and Ayesha continues: "I want a man who loves me." I want a man who loves me because I am a woman..." and she starts crying.

Salim visits Jalal's house to see if he left a trace or not when his brother arrives and they have a little fight. Salim immediately puts himself in the place of Jalal's friend and they talk a little and Salim asks about his work and load and Jamil says that he is looking for work. Salim tells him to work as his bodyguard.


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