A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 393

Pit part 48

You killed the possibility of being forgiven...

Pasha, who feels guilty, asks Metin, who is looking after him, to give him the gun and turn his face away so that he can finish the job. Mateen sits down and at this moment Idris enters the warehouse and asks him to go out together to talk a little. They get into the car and Idris says: "They are going to kill Qasem today!" I said to myself, if someone wants to do this, it is the right thing to do. But there was someone who dealt with bombs and such! The party is right. Because if Qasim says something, it will be bad for him! Pasha, do you know him?! And he looks meaningfully at Pasha. Pasha has nothing to say and immediately throws himself out of the car and runs away!

Yamach asks his uncle to take Qasim's wife and child to a safe house and take care of them.

Wartlow was confronted by Sena when he entered his house. Sena tells him to give his gun and enter the house and if he hears a scream from inside the house, the result will be his own feet! Wartlow is a little confused by Sena's words and enters the house. Saadat, who is sure of Wartlo's righteousness, wants to know the reason for Wartlo's attacks on the pit and killing the hero. Wartlo says with anger and shame: "My mom is killing me... your bloody Chukur and your father's Idris!" He protected you, he opened the door of his house to you... but he sent me to hell. I didn't have anything... you were sleeping in your warm bed and I was sleeping with the dog. Have you ever eaten a mosquito from hunger? Well, I am his son..." Saadat is not satisfied with Wartlow's explanation, but he allows Wartlow to put his head on his shoulder and cry a little. Saadat tells Wartlow: "You killed me... Now even if you go to him and ask for forgiveness, he won't forgive you." You even killed the possibility of being forgiven... You destroyed yourself... You destroyed me....” Wartlow's crying intensifies and Saadat leaves him alone with grief.

Pasha takes himself to the basement of the hospital, knocks Kamal unconscious and goes to Qasim to strangle him. Yamach arrives and stops him.

On the way back home, Saadat breaks up with Sena sadly. When Sena sees his bad mood, he is worried about him and with the help of Yamach, they inform the people of the neighborhood to find Saadat. Saadat is on top of a building with selfish intentions. Just as he is about to throw himself down, Yamach arrives with Sena and stops him. Saadat angrily and crying asks him to let go and Yamach hugs him to calm him down. Then he sends Saadat home. Sena and Yamach are alone, and Sena tells him, “I love you so much, man. I am always by my side. You were right, I have three families... you are one of them." And he kisses Yamach. Then he decides to go back to the Kochvalis' house.

Yamach, who has run out of patience, goes to the basement of the hospital and asks the doctor to bring Qasim back to consciousness. Through a video call, he shows Qasim's wife and child, who are now at his uncle's house. Then he asks Qasim to tell the name of his ex-wife. Ghasem utters the name of Mehraban in a weak voice. At this moment, the whole world revolves around Yamach's head. That night, he wanders like crazy in the alleys of the neighborhood and finally arrives at Wartlow's childhood home. After a hard night, Wartlow fell asleep in that house, drunk and upset, holding a photo of his childhood. Yamach cries when he sees her.


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