A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 392

Pit part 47

To appease Alicho, Hale visits him with delicious sweets and makes him happy. Out of curiosity, Hale asks Alicho whether he has searched his garbage or not. Alicho frankly puts everything he found out about Hale's private life in the palm of his hand. Hale gets upset about this and leaves there.

Karaja turns up the volume of the music and jumps up and down on the bed in order to show his inner mood. Akshin is surprised by his behavior and asks what happened? Karaja answers happily: "I secretly went to my boyfriend's house and... the rest will be figured out!" Akshin, who doesn't know what to make of this matter, gets confused and upset and leaves the room. After Akshin leaves, Karaja breaks down in tears.

In the warehouse, Yamach pressures Pasha to talk and explain the reason for his recent suspicious behavior. Pasha calmly remains silent. Yamach goes crazy and screams. Pasha's patience is overflowing and he shouts to Yamach: "I am taking care of you!" Then he continues: "Regarding the past S. His name was Qaseme... he was your father's driver. He married someone. After killing that woman, he went to prison. The boy also disappeared... You are also missing! Yamach does not give up and wants to know if Qasim's wife was his father's girlfriend or not. Pasha denies this and says that he himself was in love with Ghancheh. Yamach doesn't believe his words at all and angrily says: "The baby boy was my father's, wasn't it?! Pasha cries and approves Yamach's guesses. The fact that Pasha hid this secret from Idris for 35 years disturbs Yamach's mind. He, who does not understand the reason for this, remembers his mother and guesses that she also played a role in this case. Pasha wants to take everything on his own, but he doesn't succeed.

Saadat slowly opens his heart and starts from past memories and says that it is most likely that Saleh, who is the same Wartlo, is the son of Idris. The senate is stunned.

Wartlow remembers that standing in front of the ambulance that was supposed to carry Qasim was a woman and a child who appeared to be Qasim's family. Wartlow immediately gathers his men to find and arrest the woman and child.

While explaining the past to Yamach, Pasha remembers the night when he and Sultan planned to remove Idris's child from the pit. That night, the news that Ghancheh was killed by her husband was wrapped in the pit. The Sultan also asked Pasha to expel Idris's son from the neighborhood and send him to Fak and his family. Yamach can't stand what he found out. He goes to the hospital to talk to Qasim, who has just regained consciousness. Qasim agrees to talk on the condition that his wife and child are safe. He says: "Your father's son did this to me. His name is Saleh. Yamach promises to take care of his wife and child and then get the answer to his main question and find out who Salih is.

Vartlo found the house of Qasim's wife and child, and in the same Baikal prison, he got his documents from him. Vartlo does not have time to deal with Baikal's affairs and is looking for his own personal revenge. Because of this, there is a verbal fight between them. Baikal also entrusts his men to chase Wartlow and get rid of him.

Just when Wartlow and his men arrive at Qasim's wife's house, Yamach, who arrived earlier, flees Qasim's wife and child in front of Wartlow's eyes, and Wartlow gets extremely angry and upset about this.

Idris is sitting in the coffee house and reviewing all the recent events. When he examines Pasha's behavior, he realizes that instead of helping him lately, Pasha has been throwing stones at his feet. Idris goes to Pasha's warehouse and asks him to talk alone.


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