A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 389

Pit part 41

We came very close to the fire

Pasha goes to see Sultan and talks about the letter that was sent to Idris from prison, and Sultan, who had already read the letter himself, gets worried, and when he finds out that Idris found out about the child, he asks Pasha about this matter. manage that Idris cannot find his son. It turns out that Sultan and Pasha themselves knew about this issue 30 years ago and hid it from Idris, and Pasha himself took Idris's son away from the pit and sent him to his relatives.

Uncle, who came with Pasha to the Kochvalis' house, goes to see Rath and asks how he is. Rarely asks uncle to talk to Jalason and keep him away from Akshin. He rarely explains the reason for his decision: "I don't want to see someone holding a gun in front of my daughter. I know how hard it is to wait for such a person. Uncle takes these words to heart and despite the fact that he is rarely right, he gets upset.

Akshin, who is saddened by Jalason's recent neglect, looks for the reason for this issue, doubts Karaja and asks him questions about the night he was shot. In order to allay Akshin's suspicion, Karaja says that she has a boyfriend who secretly visited her on the night of the incident. Akshin believes and hugs her.

Yamach goes to Monir's company and when he doesn't find him there, he sighs and goes to Salim to the coffee house and tells him the story of Monir's disappearance. Yamach blames Salim for being Munir's informant and gives him until tomorrow night to find Munir.

Baikal sends the documents of pit houses to Wartlow and writes to him in a letter: "In order to focus your attention, it is better to keep this with you. »

After seeing Yamach's seriousness, Salim gets worried and goes to see Baikal and tells him: "If I don't deliver Munir to Yamach by tomorrow, he will doubt me." We came very close to Atish. Baikal tries to calm Salim and opposes arresting Munir and says that he will solve the case in another way, but Salim, who is afraid of being exposed, insists on agreeing with Munir to go to Yamach without exposing them.

Fayaz is sad and helpless because he has not yet been able to arrest his son's killer. Yamach goes with Alicho to his office and says that he will help him to find the killer of Yavuz. Seeing Alicho, Fayaz frowns and still doubts him. But with Yamach's insistence, he shows the CCTV footage to Alicho in order to find a clue. After checking the videos, Alicho notices the arm stuck on the window of the killer's car. He searches for that address in his mind for hours and finally finds it.

To talk to Monir, Sena pretends to be one of the prostitutes of the cabaret and sits at Monir's table, and from his words, he learns that a person with the title of Mr. Respected, a colleague of Monir and Wartlow, and the third person who is probably in the pit is spying On the other hand, the doormen of the cabaret, who are residents of Gudal, know Sena and while they are surprised by his presence there, they inform Mateen about the matter. When the police enter the cabaret, the security guards take Sena out.

The news of Sena's cabaret will reach Yamach very soon. Yamach immediately rushes to Sena's house and angrily shouts at him. They argue for a while and in the end Sena says that he approached Munir for helping Yamach to talk to him. Then he explains what he has learned about Munir's colleagues.


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