A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 388

Pit part 40

Alicho, along with Mateen and Kamal, goes to the person who put himself in his place. Mateen and Kamal eventually lose him after following him for a while, and in the end it is Alicho who stops him and traps him.

Wartlow calls a person named Qasim Halwaji who is in prison and says mockingly and threateningly: "I am your son, Saleh. We are very close to each other. I will give you a rest one day. go have fun Then we will see each other exactly on my mother's anniversary! Until then, take care of yourself! »

In the cabaret, Yıldız meets Muniri, who had given money to Yamach. A little later, Mounir opens his heart and complains about being fired by someone who calls him Mr. Respected. Yıldız hears the name of the neighborhood from Munir over and over again, trying to get more out of him. Then he goes to see the senate and tells him everything he finds out.

According to Baikal's request, Salim suggests to Yamach that they take a discount from someone to compensate for the loss of their money. Yamach agrees after arguing with himself.

Nazim happily comes to Baikal to give him news and calls him Baba. Baikal immediately angrily tells him not to call him daddy again. The moderator gets upset. Then there is the news that Sena wants to divorce Yamach and his lawyer will give him to Baikal. Baikal rejoices.

Idris makes an appointment with Pasha and Uncle in the cemetery and tells them about the long years and Ghancheh, and then says: "I was imprisoned, Ghancheh is marrying my driver, her husband Qasim is quitting his job, you are his wife Chokur." He kills... The wife was my old girlfriend. None of you know about this, right? "And he says mockingly: "It's good that they didn't swallow Chokur when I was in prison! Uncle and Pasha look at Idris dumbfounded. Idris goes to the grave that does not have a stone and says: "Ghancheh's real name is Merciful." I have a child. I want you to find that child for me. »

Baikal dates somewhere with Vartlo. Jalason is watching them from a corner, but he cannot see Baikal. Baikal asks Vartlo why he protected the Kochvalis when Sardar attacked. Wartlow says: "He attacked women and children... do we have such a thing in our law?" Baikal says that he could not intervene. Wartlow asks him if he has placed a spy among his men. To which Baikal replies: "If you know what I see... what I hear..." and then threateningly says: "Something in that house disturbs your concentration. Whatever it is, do you want me to find it and destroy it? Wartlow is shocked by his words and feels threatened.

Wartlo calls Saadat and tells him sadly: "I'm going to Tukat." take care. I will not call you again. I can not. I lied to you.. I got married. Saadat is shocked and cries.

Yamach blames Salim after calling Munir several times and his phone being switched off. A little later, Nazem comes to the coffee house and introduces himself as the lawyer of the Senate. Yamach gets upset and says: "Stay away from my wife Mr. Vakil!" For your health! Nazem turns his back to him and gives a mischievous smile and leaves.

When Sena gets home, she finds that Yamach has broken the door and is sitting inside. He tells the Senate: "The lawyer had come. It's like we're getting a divorce! Sena, who is unaware of everything, says that he did not ask Nazem to go to Yamach. Yamach, who is a blasphemer, tells Sena: "If you want to leave my life." go right ahead! And he leaves. Sena immediately calls Nazeem and angrily tells him why he did such a thing. Nazim says: "You are going to get a divorce and I accepted your case. Did I do something wrong? Sena does not answer and hangs up.


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