A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 387

Pit part 36

The war has been going on for a long time...

In order to resolve the misunderstanding, Yamach decides to go to Fayaz alone and prevent Alicho from being killed. But Mateen and Kamal do not give up and follow him. Yamach arrives at the warehouse where Alicho is imprisoned and finds him wounded and beaten. Fayaz is sure that the killing of his son was the work of Alicho. He pulls a gun on Yamach and angrily says: "You took my only son away from me." What did my son do to you? Yamach coldly asks Alicho if he killed Yavuz or not? Alicho keeps crying and says that it was not his job. Yamach guarantees that it was not Alijo's work and explains that this is a conspiracy of some people to start a war and enmity between them. Fayyaz, who is calm and restless, points the gun towards Yamach and angrily says: "The war has been going on for a long time." Yamach opens his hands and asks Fayyaz to shoot if he cools down. In this situation, when the people of Fayaz notice the presence of many pits around the warehouse, they start to run away. Fayaz is left alone and has to leave Alicho and Yamach, then he cries helplessly in Yamach's arms.

As usual, Idris blames Salim for being absent in this situation. On the other hand, the voices of the people of Gudal are raised, chanting "Chukur Khonmone, Yamach Babamone". Idris and Salim leave the coffee house and Idris looks proudly at Yamach.

Saadat goes to see his childhood Saleh in a theater. But Wartlow does not want to be known

He talks to Saadat from behind the curtain and requests that their meeting continue like this. They talk for a while behind the curtain and Saadat says that he is afraid that he will not like the truth behind the curtain... Saleh is upset to hear this and leaves the hall in the blink of an eye.

Makkah finds traces and signs of the identity of Saadat al-Din Wartol in the alleys and streets of the city of Wartol. After some time, some people claim to know Wartlow well. But they are Wartlow's own people who, on his orders, trap Makkah and imprison him in his warehouse.

On the other hand, Yamach, who has half and half information about Wartol, shares it with Idris and says that Wartol Saadatuddin has a mysterious and unknown identity and is not originally from the city of Wartol and was born in Istanbul. A little later, Idris takes out the hero's memorabilia from the wooden box and delivers it to Yamach again and says hello and welcome.

Sena once again reminds Yamach that they were supposed to leave the pit and asks him to leave together. Sena is more serious this time than before and says goodbye to Yamach in a way. Yamach doesn't want to leave but stares pleadingly at Sena. That night, Sena waits for Yamach in his house and prepares the dinner table. But when the doorbell rings, the only thing waiting for him behind the door is his luggage. He cries from the bottom of his heart.

The denizens have gathered in the pub and are having a small celebration for their recent success. After a bit of fun, everyone leaves the pub and only Yamach and Salim stay there. Salim mentions a little about the past and makes Yamach laugh, but little by little the discussion becomes serious and Yamach says sarcastic words to him. The laughter slowly fades from their faces and Yamach says: "Do you remember what you told me? We only knew the arms deal. Me, my dad, uncle, Pasha and you. Yamach puts a gun on the table and continues: "Uncle and Pasha are both in our father's place, but because of me at this age, they put guns to their heads and shot them." Yamach puts a single bullet in his revolver and holds the gun to his head and says: "I will die because of you, brother." Are you ready to die for me? Salim asks Yamach not to go crazy, but Yamach pulls the trigger without hesitation and this time hands the gun to Salim and asks more seriously: "Are you ready to die for me, Salim?" After a short pause, Salim puts the gun on his head...


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