A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 384

Pit part 6

"The hunter is the hunted"

Hamdi, who previously cooperated with Gudal to cut the neck of one of Wartolo's men and sent a girl, this time he agrees with Yamach to send girls to spy on Wartolo's men to record all their words in detail. Yamach orders Hamdi's head and face to be bandaged and asks Isa to inform him before beating people.

Sena's father asks his daughter what she will do about Yamach if she finds him. Sena cries and says that she will definitely break up with Yamach and throw him out of her life.

Pasha attacks Vartolo's house with about a hundred of his armed men. But the house was already evacuated and no one stayed there. Pasha gets nervous about being touched and a little later he says to one of his men with concern: "Who stayed in the pit?!! He, who knows the answer to this question, hurriedly leads the team to the pit to protect it from possible dangers. During this time, Vartolo's people throw two grenades into one of the crowded places of the pit and set the Internet cafe on fire. People quickly notice the fire and evacuate the Internet cafe. After this incident, Yamach, Salim, Amy and Pasha stand in front of the burnt shop, and Amy shamefully reports the damage to Yamach and says: "We have four wounded. Thank God no one died. Some have burns. They will be fine, God willing." But Yamach doesn't think like him and is angry about this incident. They gather in Idris's office to consult. Pasha plans to attack in the same way as usual and take casualties from the enemy. The argument between him and Amy escalates. They shout at each other and Salim tries to calm them down, but suddenly Yamach slams his hand hard on the table. Everyone falls silent and Yamach asks them to sit down. He speaks loudly and passionately and tells everyone: "My uncle's body is still in the mortuary." Why? Because the funeral may be attacked. Is this our strength?? Is this the power of the pit? Ok, I have listened to you so far. From now on, you will listen to my words. You will not attack until I say so. I will shoot someone without knowing me. If we are going to hit, we have to hit once. we will wait He thinks it's over. It will be easy. He opens his hand and then we hit. We beat to finish it. Yamach leaves the room after saying these words. Affected, Amy and Pasha remember Idris's youth, but Salim is not happy that Yamach is slowly taking power away from him.

Alicho comes to Idris's house at Yamach's request. After a little conversation, Yamach notices his strong and strange memory and realizes that Alicho remembers everything he sees and does not forget anything. He even remembers the number of times he saw Yamach in the street with the exact day and date. Yamach, who knows that Sena has left his house, gives the address of his house to Alicho so that he can stand guard there and inform him when Sena returns.

Vartolo, who attacked the pit and still got no answer, takes this as a sign of his power and is happy and drinks liquor and sings loudly at home. At the same time, he says for a long time: "There is little left." They kneel in front of us! We are about to open our store. There is a problem. Load all the materials and weapons. He is not optimistic about Vartolo's sudden decision for a long time. But Vartolo is so relieved that he wants to spend the night happily. He says for a long time: "Row! The same for children. One night we stole from the sky. Girls are trustworthy. Don't take us like this!! »

The next morning, many girls get into Hamdi's car, and after exchanging information with them, Hamdi goes to Yamach and is released after reporting to work. Yamach, who studied chemistry at the university, thinks about Vartolo's truck load and when he hears from Salim that he also has heroin in the shower, he says to himself: "So benzene is also in the ingredients." After a series of mental calculations, he asks Pasha to prepare some nitro for him.

Sena's mother blames him for the loss of her son. Mother and daughter do not work together at all and fight. After being slapped by his mother, Sena closes his suitcase to go back to Istanbul. His father, who researched about Yamach, tells Sena in the last moments: "There is a Kochuva neighborhood in Istanbul." They are also leaders there. They are not the right people. Follow the works of Khalifan. If this child is also from that family, don't hesitate for a second. get a divorce Sena does not believe his father's words, but when he arrives at his house, his words keep spinning in his head and confuse his mind.

A big truck moves in the middle of the night on a lonely road. Suddenly, a young girl is found on the road, who is one of Hamdi's people, and she amuses the driver for a while and takes him to a corner. While the car is empty, Yamach people enter the truck and attach explosives to one of the barrels. In the middle of the road, Vartolo and some of his men are waiting for the truck. But before the truck arrives, Yamach calls Vartolo and after introducing himself says: "Now I remind you of the first law of logistics." Never carry human resources and capital together. He presses the detonation button and the truck that was moving towards Vartolo and his men explodes in front of them. Vartolo gets very angry and greedy and vents his anger by shooting his phone. He shouts to his men: "Who is Yamach?! Who is this Yamach? You have to find it. »

After this mission, Amy and Pasha and in front of them, Salim hugs Yamach and talks about Islam and Alik. According to rituals, Yamach answers them and says peace and blessings. Everyone is proud of Yamach and what he has done. That night, Vartolo meets Salim on the road where their truck was blown up and yells at him for not telling him about his brother's plan. Salim argues with him and calmly says that he could not report. In the meantime, something says in Vartolo's ear that turns him from one side to the other. Vartolo, who was very angry until a few moments ago, becomes happy and says to Salim: "Basically, you don't know who I am... but that brother Lojstigt does." He gets into the car and leaves. Salim is worried about Vartolo's sudden happiness and freshness. He also hurriedly gets into his car and keeps calling Yamach, but Yamach's phone is not available.

Sena is sleeping on the sofa and Yamach is sitting on top of her and asking her to open her eyes. Sena thinks it's a fantasy this time too, and when she opens her eyes, she realizes Yamach isn't there. Yamach asks him to try. Sena opens her eyes and hugs Yamach tightly, but suddenly pushes him away and angrily says, “Go! Get out of my blood. Yamach wants to explain, but Sena doesn't listen and says angrily: "What did I do to deserve this?" You left without even writing a letter. I do not want to see you. My lawyer is calling you for divorce. Yamach asks the senate to listen to his words. He introduces his father and brothers to the senate and says that if he wants to know more, he should search on Google. Yamach slowly approaches Sena. He caresses her face and says: "Everything I said was true." I don't love anyone as much as you. Sena cries for a moment in Yamach's arms, but then pulls away and says: "No, I don't want to!" Go. Yamach goes to the exit while wiping his tears, but Sena can't bear it and runs after him and kisses him.

Wartolo's men go to the building in front of the senate house to lie in wait and wait for the right opportunity to kill Yamach. Salim, who has also reached near Sena's house, gets more worried about Yamach when he sees them. He overcomes his fear, grabs his gun, and enters the building opposite the senate house, going to a floor above where Vartolo's men are stationed. In the middle of the night, he hits Sena again to hold Yamach accountable for what he has done. He throws some breakable objects at Yamach and again asks him to leave. When Yamach gets ready to leave, Sena gets more nervous and shouts at him: "Then what should I eat?! Their talk leads to the living room, which is in front of Vartolo's people. Vartolo's people are standing by the window of the house in front of me, and Salim looks at Yamach and Sena with fear and concern from the floor above them and shows himself. Yamach realizes that the situation is dangerous when he sees Salim. He hugs Sena and dives into a corner. At this moment, Vartolo's men bombarded the senate house.