A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 382

The pit of season four, the first episode

Yamach is sitting behind Dahl in the fruit market when Amir comes to him and tells him about one of Cengiz Ardanet's friends named Fazel, who tells him good information about how to export drugs. Yamach listens well to his words, but he is not too sure about Fadel and his words, and a little later he gets up and goes to the coffee house and to Jomali, Salim, and Uncle. Yamach tells his brothers that it is better to be cautious in relation to Arik, but Jumali and Salim are against him and want to be practical men! Their argument escalates and uncle asks them not to argue so much. A little later, when only Salim and Yamach are in the coffee shop, Salim complains to him for allowing the marriage of Karaja and Jalason without his permission. Yamach says that this was the best thing because they can't stop Karaja and he might run away with Azar! Salim thinks a little and accepts his decision.

Amir tells Jalason in the bazaar that why did he agree to marry Karaja? Jalason says: "All these young men you see are the sons of Baba Idris." I am also my son... now that Idris is no more, but we have Yamacho instead, and whatever he says is the same! A little later, Arik passes in front of them with a carefree smile on his lips and goes to the coffee house. He sits in front of Yamach and shakes him a little and says that he will pay attention to them from now on and tries to humiliate them. Yamach answers him with a smile and doesn't take anything less.

Jumali enters the house and sees Sultan and Saadat preparing Karaja's dowry. He goes to Damla, who still hasn't come out of her room, and tries to make her feel better, but Damla doesn't even have the patience for him.

Karaja is sitting in the balcony upset when Azar sends him a message and asks how he is. Seeing his message, Kaarja gets more upset when Akin arrives and tells him that it is better to listen to the words of the little ones and ignore whatever they say because he cannot disobey their wishes. Karaja is very upset and tells her: "In this life, you didn't care about me and you didn't see me... Do you even understand what it means to be loved for the first time? Akin looks at his sister sadly and Karaja angrily goes to his room when he hears Salim and Ayesha arguing. Salim finds the hero's handkerchief among Karaja's belongings and angrily asks him why he kept his handkerchief. Ayesha gets upset and says that it is for the memory of the hero! Salim smiles and throws the napkin on the bed and leaves the room.

Finally Wartlow is released from prison and the only person who went to welcome him is Madd. Wartlo is a little upset about the absence of his brothers, when Yamach, along with Makkah and others, goes to welcome him with Wartlo's special song and dance, which makes him happy.

Arik goes to his father who is dedicating one of his old houses for the benefit of mentally disabled children. He shows his father the video in which Amir revealed their methods for transferring materials. Genghis also goes to his old friend Fazel and the two of them seem happy to see each other and hug Hamdgir. But then Genghis hands Fazel a camera and shows him that his wife, children and grandchildren are captives of his own guards. Genghis feels sorry for him and says that he will bury him next to his mother! Then he turns to Arik and Selene calls his cousin to help them do the rest of the work. Arik is not very happy to be Selene. Those two have trapped Morteza and by torturing him, they plan to take him with them.

Mahsun watches his mother from a distance and watches her when Salim comes to him and takes her to protect Amir on the order of Yamach. Mahson goes to Amir's house and sits there until night when suddenly someone calls Amir and introduces herself as Fazel's daughter and asks him to come to see him with fear and worry to give him the information he has. Amir somehow escapes from Mahsoun and Mateen and goes to his date where he meets Selen and Arik and laughs and then says to make him nervous: "Your father never loved you. You didn't notice him at all because he always loved Chaetai! You don't like them either. The real Godaleh family, where there is love and affection between them! He repeats these words so much that Arik immediately pulls the trigger and shoots him in the brain.

When Yamach enters the neighborhood, he realizes that Amir's body has been hung from the big wall of the street and on the symbol of the pit. He gets very angry and the next morning he stands next to Amir's wife at his grave and grieves. Amir's wife gives him a notebook left by Amir in which he wrote everything he knew. He immediately transports himself to Genghis's holding and attacks Adik without thinking. Both are wearing gloves and punching and kicking each other. Genghis also stands in a corner and watches them. Yamach knocks Arik to the ground, and seeing his father's gaze on him, Arik gets up and attacks him with all he can and knocks Yamach to the ground. Then he looks at his father who is staring at him with pride and smiles and grabs Yamach's leg and drags him to the ground when Yamach gets up and strangles him with a rope attached to the bars next to the door. slow until Jumali, Salim and Wartlo arrive and forcefully separate them.

When Karaja sees her wedding dress, she can't bear it and goes to her father to ask him for help, but Salim tells her that after what he did to the family and secretly going to see Azar, he should also comply with their wishes. to give Karaja, who is also disappointed with his father, finally calls Azar and says: "Remember you said you would run away if necessary? Come tonight! Azar agrees happily. Just when Karaja has prepared all his things and is determined, Nahir sees him and says: "Love is a very beautiful thing... but it never takes the place of someone!" Karaja thinks sadly, and then, after arguing with himself, he goes to Azar, who was waiting for him, and says: "I didn't come to come with you, Azar... I came to say goodbye to you." Forgive me. I can't be left alone... I can't leave my family..." Azar says: "If you didn't want to come, why did you drag me here? Can't we be a family together? If I am going to take you by force, this is not love and I was wrong! And he leaves. Karaja cries with great sadness.

According to the information in Amir's notebook, Yamach realizes that Genghis is placing ordinary goods in companies called Fazel. He makes a plan and with the help of Alicho and the youth of the neighborhood, he stops the trucks and empties the loads, which are close to two tons. And then, when Genghis and Adik are moving in the car, the pits stop them and then empty two tons of heroin on them! Genghis, who liked Yamach's plan, tells Arik that he wants Yamach! Arik gets upset and talks to Selene about this and messes up everything. Selene notices Flashy in the mess of her things and when they both watch Flashy's contents, they stare at each other with surprise and excitement. Morteza also got excited after seeing the video and suggested that the Flash be delivered to Jumali!

Genghis calls Yamach and makes an appointment with him and offers him a job and says: "I accept you as my son. Yamach says slowly: "I have a father..." and leaves there. Arik, who heard everything from behind the door of a room, comes forward and protests to his father. Genghis says that Yamach is like a wild horse and they can tame him.

At Arik's command, Selene delivers the flash to Jumali. An hour later, Yamach reaches the neighborhood street and hears Jomali's screams. He enters the coffee house and meets Jumali's face and eyes, which are red from sadness, anger and crying. Jumali stares at him with great anger and then sits in front of him and cries and says: "Baby, did you kill my father...? Why didn't you empty your mouth... Why did you kill my father... " Yamach starts crying and lowers his head. Jumali gets up again angrily and thinks for a while and then turns to Yamach and points the gun at him. Yamach gets up and opens his hands and asks Jumali to shoot. Jumali immediately fires three shots at him, knocking Yamach to the ground and watching him die.


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