A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 381



Yamach, Jumali, Vartolo and Ekin return home after selling fruit in the square. The women are gathered in the yard and put the food that is going to be taken to the neighborhood for the evening in the car. At the same time, Fsun arrives and while opening the car door for Nahir's son, he cheerfully says to Yamach, "I came to see you." All eyes stare at the little guest and he introduces the charm of Yamach to him and says, "This is Dad." The boy walks towards Yamach and calls him Baba. Yamach, who has just found out who their little guest is, hugs him and says angrily, "My son." Afsun says that the boy's name is Yamach and everyone smiles.

In the evening, all the small villages sit together with the residents of the neighborhood at the long dinner table set up in the neighborhood. Yamach puts his son on his feet and is still confused by the miracle of his son's arrival. He asks Afsun about Nahir and Afsun says, "I promised not to give an explanation." He just puts Nahir's necklace in Yamach's hand and does not answer his questions. The little ones sit at that table with their close friends until night and drink to remember their loved ones. After a while, close friends and family members also leave, and only Yamach, Vartolo, Jomali and Ekin sit in front of the coffee house and continue drinking. Yamach says: "If I had another chance for life, nothing special would have happened. I used to yell at my father and run away from home, and when my mother came, I would come back after me. My dad was right, some things don't change at all. If you ask me whether I want to experience all these things from the beginning to this day again, if I know that I will not lose any loved ones, I would like to experience everything again. I just need to know that it will end like this." Everyone is angry and this time they drink to each other's health.

Years pass and the wall of the small house is filled with new family photos. The family has become more crowded and pictures of grandchildren and results can be seen among the photos. The children of the family play in the garden of the same house and grow up in peace. One day, Yamach, who is very old and dying, while lying on the bed and holding Alicho's hand, says: "It didn't start with me, but it ended with me." He closes his eyes forever and the young members of his family who are around him cry. Yamach gets up from the same bed with a young face and smiles contentedly when faced with the truth of his death. When he opens the door of the room, he is faced with the charm that is waiting for him at the door. Fasun takes his hand and accompanies him a few steps. Yamach sees Karaja and Akshin happily running hand in hand in the stairwell and smiles from the bottom of his heart. Saadat is working in the kitchen and even Nahir comes and hugs Yamach. Sultan, Ayesha, and Nadir are sitting in the living room, and Sultan leaves when he sees Yamach, his alms-giver. Ekin leads Yamach to the balcony, where Yamach disbelievingly sees Sena, kisses and hugs him. Mecca and Jalason are playing football in the garden of the house, and Mateen and Kamal are standing on the same side and greeting Yamach. In his father's room, Yamach sees his uncle and Pasha playing backgammon and they are happy like the rest of the family. A little later, Alicho notices Idris coming to Yamach. Idris goes to meet his son and hugs him. Farther in the yard, Idris' sons are sitting around a table. Yamach and Idris go together to the table where Vartolo, Salim, Jomali, and the hero are sitting, and Yamach sits next to his brothers. Salim jokes with Jomali and the hero tries to stop Vartolo's embarrassed look at him with a generous smile. Everything is very good and Yamach looks with pleasure at the happy and smiling faces of each of his brothers and at the end of Madad he takes a souvenir photo of Idris and his sons that they have never had together.


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