A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 377



Shahram, who is fed up with Yamach's cat-and-mouse game and his traps, says to Uncle Jomali one day: "Whoever goes hunting will be hunted himself." Today I will finish this work. He leaves the house and uncle Jumali is happy with Shahram's determined tone.

Vartolo has recovered and joins Yamach, Jomali, Mateen, and Madd to play a role in dragging Shahram's people to the forest and killing them. They attract the attention of the factory guards by throwing a stone and follow them to the forest and ambush them. Contrary to their expectations, the number of motorcyclists in Shahram is very large, and this time the Kochvalis themselves, who have fallen into Shahram's trap, instead of shooting, are forced to run away and start running towards the road. They meet a truck on the road and quickly throw themselves into it and manage to escape. Even the news of their escape makes Shahram and Uncle Jumali happy. Uncle Jumali shouts to the people in the neighborhood: "You will not return to your childhood." Today, they are like mice going and hiding in their holes."

The people of Shahram have found the hideout of the Kochvalis and attack there in the absence of men. Ekin gets into a fight with Shahram's men, but he cannot overcome them alone, and Damla, Afsun, and even Sultan take up arms and participate in this fight. When no more shots are heard from Shahram's men, Ekin and the women come out of the house. Ekin asks the women to put the children in the car and leave so that he can follow them. Ekin gets into a fight with one of Shahram's last men, and even though he kills him, he himself is knocked unconscious by a blow, and the last image he sees is women being captured by the enemies.

The Kochvalis arrive home and when Ekin wakes up, he tells them with fear and apprehension that Shahram's people have taken the women with them. Jumali and Vartolo start to talk to each other and Yamach leaves during this time. Yamach goes to the neighborhood and says to Shahram in front of the coffee house: "I came to surrender myself." Let the women go and take me in their place." Mecca, who saw this scene, gives the news to Jumali. Vartolo, Jumali, Metin, Madd, and Ekin get into the car to go after Yamach and save him, but on the way, Saadat calls them and says that they are fine and have gone to one of Afsun's grandmother's houses. In fact, they killed Shahram's men and escaped with a clever plan after Akin became unconscious. Vartolo and the others lament that Yamach has given himself up for nothing.

Shahram takes Yamach to Idris' house, to Uncle Jumali, and Uncle Jumali hands Yamach over to Shahram to kill Yamach himself. Shahram says: "I have something in mind for Yamach. Something watery and pooly." Uncle also tells Shahram that Farid will open the door of his place for him. Shahram takes Yamach, and Alicho, who heard their conversation, mentions Farid and his pool in a paper and secretly delivers the paper to Mecca. Mecca also reads the things written on the paper to Jumali, and Vartolo hears it and says, "I know that pool." The little ones move towards the address that Vartolo gives.

At his uncle's request, Sahar takes a glass of liquor for him and first tastes it himself. He, who has added a weak poison to the liquor, feels a little nauseous after leaving the uncle's room. But the uncle, who drinks all the liquor, loses consciousness and falls on the ground. At the same time, Ayesha, who previously told Yamach when she left the hiding place that she wants to take revenge for her daughter from her uncle and owes this to Karaja, enters Idris's house from behind the barbed wire of the hole in the garden. He goes and wakes him up with a few slaps. Uncle Jomali can't move and Ayesha wraps her hands around his throat and while squeezing it with all her strength, shouts, "You killed my daughter like this, right?" You choked him, didn't you?" After a short time, uncle's eyes are closed and Aisha releases his throat. On the other hand, since the two-week deadline has ended, people in the neighborhood are slowly gathering their furniture.

Shahram tied Yamach to a chair next to the pool and women walked by him and said, "They killed my father in front of my eyes." peeling the skin and sprinkling it with salt and putting it in front of the sun. I saw many deaths. Everyone thinks that the worst death is being set on fire, but I realized that the worst death is drowning. Burning happens very quickly and after a few seconds the person loses consciousness. But drowning is different, you are awake all the time and hope to come out now and take a deep breath. Aman from the hands of that hope..." Yamach, who remembers Sana, is disgusted and has nothing to say. Shahram, who chose the worst death he knows for Yamach, kicks him into the pool and leaves with his men.

Jumali, Vartolo, Ekin, Madd and Metin arrive at Farid's place and quickly run to his pool. When they reach the pool, there is no trace of Yamach, and Vartolo says with regret and disappointment: "Farid had another place."


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