A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 372



Yamach walks in the dark and scary forest where Karaja was buried and calls him in a frightened voice. There is no news of Karaja in that forest, and instead, Yamach suddenly sees her in a white dress next to a beautiful beach, and at that moment she says to herself: "It's not real, it's a dream." He walks towards Karaja quietly and Karaja who notices him happily asks him to sit next to him. Yamach apologizes to Karaja for not being able to protect him and says, "I couldn't be enough for the pit." Karaja says: "What is this? You did everything necessary. Nothing could be enough for the pit. At the time of grandfather, many people are gone. It's not your fault at all, in fact, a tree that has blood in its roots will also bleed from its branches." Yamach thinks and then asks him how Salim is and Karaja says with a smile that his father is fine. When Yamach wakes up and opens his eyes, he mutters under his breath: "A tree that has blood at its roots will also drip blood from its branches."

Uncle Jumali is hiding in a new house and says to one of his men: "Shahram is going to take revenge on us." At the same time, Shahram entered the area on a motorcycle along with the rest of his people, who are also riding in their motorcycles, and after approaching Amojumali, he respectfully kissed his hand and said, "How are you, Dad?" From now on, my duty is to take revenge on those who brought you to this day." Uncle Jumali puts his hand on his shoulder and looks at him proudly.

Yamach, Jumali and Ekin leave the house happily in the morning. They got rid of Amojumali temporarily and the youth of the neighborhood have joined them again. Vartolo woke up before his brothers and went for help. He jokes with Madd about their past differences and finally says, "From now on, like in the past, wherever I go, you have to follow me." Like Jomali and Yamach, they move towards the coffee house. The Kochavalis look proudly at the neighborhood youths who are standing around the coffee house and then enter the coffee house with Madd, Matin and Makkah to hold a meeting. In the coffee house, Vartolo says, "Uncle Jumali will definitely come back for revenge because one of the things he always said was: take your revenge and never forget the evil that was done to you." Jumali is happy about this news and waits for his uncle to come back and kill him. Yamach says that they should wait patiently for his return and take their revenge at the right time. Then, there is talk about the future of Gudal and Jumali wants all the young people to go to work on weapons and sell them, but Yamach opposes and Jumali, who is a little nervous, says, "According to my father, we are the Lathai of Istanbul." No one will give us work, if we don't sell weapons then what should we do? Yamach says: "Wartolo's method was wrong, but he was right, we were not pure and innocent and we were dealing with weapons." Vartolo was able to protect the pit for three years, to the extent that not a single bullet was fired here. We have to find another way." Yamach then calmly explains that Uncle Jumali has raised all the wealth belonging to the Ardantes, who were his former partners, as well as Baikal, that is, the same factories that were used as showcases for laundering money from the sale of materials. Yamach continues: "Now, if those factories and companies fall into the hands of small companies, we can easily work in Istanbul." Everyone welcomes his idea.

On the other hand, Shahram wants to attack Gudal very quickly and take revenge on Jomali's uncle. He tells his uncle: "I call you Dad because if it wasn't for you, I would have died thirty years ago and I owe you my life." I will take your revenge very soon." But Uncle Jumali does not allow this for now and says: "Their people are watching all our places now. You have to wait until they get tired and take their hand off the trigger. You have to choose the right time to attack."

Damla takes Masal to the Sultan's house with the permission of the spell and at his own request. Sultan is very excited and happy to see Masal and plays with him and gives him Akshin dolls. He finds the secret flower that Idris gave to Karaja among the belongings of his grandchildren and gently puts it on Masal's hair.


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