A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 370



At Yamach's house, at the breakfast table, when Saadat realizes that Vartolo suddenly disappeared and Yamach went after him, he gets sad and says, "It was obvious that this would happen." I told him as much, but he wouldn't accept it." Jumali, who has a crush on Vartolo, teases him and Saadat says sadly: "I know you never liked Saleh, but he is not the only one to blame in this case." We are all guilty. We let Karaja go after that man. Brother Jumali, I know you don't like it and now you are getting angry, but this is the truth. We are all upset, but Saleh is worse. Because he is sorry and God knows how selfish he is." At the same time, Ayesha, who left Morteza to be with her son, enters the house and he also lives there. A little later, Yamach and Vartolo arrive in front of the house, and Yamach keeps the car near the house to bring Jomali to Vartolo and feed them. He goes home and calls Ekin and Jumali. Jumali says: "If you brought that Vartolo, I am not." Yamach says: "So it's not me. Understand that we are a family and we should not give up on each other. I won't give up on Vartolo, please don't give up on me either. We may be an angry family, but we are a family. Without one of us, we will be incomplete." He says these words and returns to Vartolo. Vartolo realizes the issue from his helpless look and says: "Yamach, leave me alone. Because you don't give up, they will remove you from their lives." At the same time, Jumali stands in front of the car and signals to Vartolo to get out. Vartolo approaches Jomali with slow steps and lowered head. Jumali slaps him on the face and then hugs him and says, "It's over, Saleh." It's over." Yamach and the others breathe a sigh of relief when they see this scene.

Sultan comes to Yamach's house to visit his family and Afsun goes to the balcony to avoid seeing him. Saadat asks the Sultan to take Ishti Vartulu and Jomali as a good omen and he also speaks with a charm. Sultan goes to Afsun and sits next to him and says: "I won't take much of your time." Just think that you were in my place and you were losing Yamachu, and then one day they would show you someone and say that this is your husband's killer. what were you doing?" After the Sultan leaves, Afsun, whose mind is busy with his words, asks Damla to take Masal to see the Sultan tomorrow.

Uncle Jumali, who is complaining about the destruction of his species, angrily tells Nadim, "It was obvious that it would happen like this." We worked with those people. They know everything. Tell Kamel to go to the safe, if there is anything left in it, and if he still hasn't found it, he should bring whatever is in it." When Kamel goes to the safe and opens it, Mateen puts a gun to his head. Jumali has already tasked him with the full chase. Mateen informs the Kochvalis, and Yamach, Vartolo, Jomali, and Ekin quickly prepare themselves to talk to him and find out Uncle Jomali's whereabouts. When Yamach fires the first shot into the full leg, he opens his mouth and reveals the uncle's hiding place.

The Kochvalis are lurking in front of Uncle Jumali's house and Nadeem worriedly informs Uncle Jumali about their arrival. A little later, uncle's car leaves the house and Kochvali's car chases him to catch him. Kochvali's car turns in front of Nadeem's car and stops it. Vartolo opens the car door and realizes that Uncle Jomali is not inside and that Nadim has sacrificed himself for his client as usual. They take Nadim to the underground prison of Godal, and Uncle Jumali, who escaped easily, goes to another hiding place.

In the underground prison, the Kochvalis ask Nadeem where Uncle Jumali is, so that he can get a discount on his punishment in exchange for exposing his uncle. Nadeem laughs and says, "Did you really think I would give you my place?" Vartolo angrily approaches him and plunges his knife into his body and tortures him. Nadeem shouts and asks him not to do this. Vartolo says: "Tell us so that I don't." But if you ask me, don't tell me because I really want to kill you." Jumali calls Makkah and tells him: "Wait a couple of hours for him to speak, if you kill him." "Don't kill him at all," says Vartolo. Let me know and I will kill him. Because the others kill it once and I kill it a thousand times." Then he says softly in Nadim's ear: "Don't talk about God." I want to kill you." He throws his knife in front of Nadeem as a reminder of his tortures. The small ones leave and Makkah stays there and guards. Kochvalis who are waiting for Nadeem to escape are hiding in their car nearby. In the basement, Nadim picks up the knife on the floor and frees himself. He gets into a fight with Mecca and after beating Mecca and knocking him unconscious, he picks up the switch and moves towards the exit. Nadim quickly gets into the car in front of the door and moves towards Uncle Jumali's hiding place. The little ones also follow him.

Nadim Horasan enters Amujumali's house and stands facing him and tells the story of his escape. Uncle Jumali blames him for his carelessness and coming to that house, but Nadim is sure that no one followed him. At the same time, Uncle Jumali's eyes fall on the youths of Godal who are moving towards his house. He looks at Nadim with hatred and prepares to run away. The Kochvalis, who are engaged in shooting the guards for some time, reach the garden when uncle Jumali's helicopter has taken off and gone away. They look longingly at the helicopter and Nadim, who was left there by Uncle Jumali, proudly says to the little ones: "You will never touch it again." My client will crush all of you." Vartolo, who has no patience with him, fires a bullet into his brain. They stare at the helicopter and Yamach says, "It got scared of us and left." Nothing will end until we say it's over, because we are together."


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