A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 369



Nadim enters a place where many trucks are parked in its large area. Inside the building, Nadim tells his customers: "Because of a small problem we have, we cannot deliver the goods tonight and we have to postpone the appointment." The customers want to know what the problem is exactly, at which time Wartolo's gunshots are heard. Vartolo, alone and like a madman, roams among the trucks and shoots the guards. He has not come looking for Nadeem. There are many guards and there is nothing left for Vartolo to get shot, but Madd arrives on time as always and shields himself and the bullet scratches Madd's arm. Yamach also kills the other guards and goes to Wartolo and Medd. Vartolo puts Med's head on his knee and says angrily: "Don't come after me anymore." Niain, I can't protect you." In this situation, Nadim gets a chance to escape and Yamach cannot reach him.

In the cemetery, Aisha puts Karaja's wedding dress on her grave and sits there crying. Sultan asks her to return home, but Ayesha says, "Don't leave us alone anymore." "My daughter and I are enough for each other." Sultan says in a serious tone: "Stop. It's too late. Your daughter does not need you. Instead of crying for Karaja, go back to Akin and be a mother to him. He is the one who needs you now, not Karaja. Get up now." While crying, Ayesha gets up slowly, holds Sultan's hand and returns with him.

Yamach and Vartolo take Madd to the doctor and leave him alone to get to work. When they want to go to their car, Vartolo tells Yamach, "I'm going alone. I want to go and get that person. I brought this disaster on you, I have to collect it myself. I will search until I finally find it." He does not look at Yamach's face when he is talking properly and he is ashamed of the recent events and blames himself. Yamach tells him: "Okay, go and finish the other side's work, but I will deliver you." I will not come with you, I will just deliver you. I saw your hands shaking while driving. At least now, when you want to kill Uncle Jumali, you won't die in an accident on the way." Vartolo knows that Yamach has plans and reluctantly sits in the car next to him.

Jumali, Mecca, Ekin and Mateen go to one of Jomali's uncle's places to maybe find him or Nadim there. They don't have a plan in their heads and four people attack the place full of uncle's guards and they get caught by Ekin's carelessness and very soon they have to take shelter from the successive shots of the guards inside the building. Jomali, who does not see an escape route from the besieged building, picks up a gun to open the door and shoot until his last breath, but when the door opens, he faces an unexpected scene. Damla along with Jumanhai Gudal have reached there in several cars. In a few seconds, they destroy all the guards of that place in front of Jomali's eyes. Jumali feels proud when he sees this scene and says under his breath, "The pit has come."

Fayaz has followed Madad to take him to the pit. As soon as Madd sees Fayaz, he gets angry and attacks him, but Fayaz speaks quickly to resolve the misunderstanding between them after a long time. He says: "By God, there is nothing between me and Jannah." Uncle Jumali said get married, we got married too. He calls me brother. God is witness, I didn't look at him with another eye for a day. After hearing these words, Madad is relieved and a little relieved, but again a sadness weighs in his heart. He turns to Fayaz and says, "The girl got married and they turned me away." This case is over for me. He returns home on foot. Just got home when Janet rings the bell of her house with a pot in her hand. Madad opens the door and Janet kindly gives him the pot and says, "I heard you were injured." I made you soup. You rest, I will come to see you again. Madd stares at him and is happy that he will come again. Jannet kisses his cheek and leaves.

Contrary to what he said, Yamach takes Vartolo to a place with good weather by the river and gets out of the car and says, "We used to come here with the kids when we were students." Vartolo asks why they have come there, and Yamach says, "We came to sit." Vartolo's tired and helpless face changes. He angrily says to Yamach: "Did you make fun of me? I don't want to sit here and waste time. Give me that switch." "Come and get it," says Yamach coolly. Vartolo shouts more and says: "I have to go find that guy and kill him. You don't understand me. I can't breathe." A little later, Vartolo attacks Yamach to get the switch and beats him, but Yamach takes the switch in his fist and says: "Be wise." If I put this in the river, you will not be able to leave here and you will have to walk for two days." Vartolo stops beating him and sits there awkwardly.

Jumali is standing next to the rest of the young men at Uncle Jumali's place and now that he couldn't trap him, he thinks of another way to hurt him. He sends the young men into the building to bring him uncle's clothes. Young people pull out the sexes and put them in the middle of the area next to each other. Jomali sets the sexes on fire and Jomali's uncle's spy sends Nadim the film of this scene and Nadim shows the film to Jomali's uncle. Uncle Jumali gets greedy and looks at the movie with hatred. At the same time, in several other places, Mateen and Ekin set fire to more sexes.

It's getting dark and Vartolo is still stuck by the river in front of Yamach and is sitting there helplessly. Yamach gives him two choices, sit there and listen to the frogs or go back to the pit. Vartolo says: "It won't be a pit." I can't go back there. I can't look at all those people. I can't leave you, I'm honest with myself, I say that it was all my fault. I can't look at my wife and child anymore. I can't even go to my father's grave. I am very ashamed." Yamach asks why and Vartolo says: "Because I believed that guy." You were not by my side, one side of me was incomplete. I said that if I rely on him, at least no one else will get hurt." Yamach says: "You made a mistake because you are human and all humans make mistakes. You are Vartolo Saadaldini and you always find a way. This time you found the wrong way." A few hours pass and Vartolo, who has not let go of his thoughts and thoughts, turns to Yamach and says: "I understood what you said. People can make mistakes. I was wrong too. But at least let me do something right and go kill that guy. Give me a switch." Yamach doesn't give the switch and Vartolo angrily says: "Don't give it." I will walk myself. You can't take me to the pit by force." He starts walking and Yamach says: "Whether you want it or not, I will take you to the pit." Vartolo says with anger and tears: "Where are you in this misunderstanding?" They all died because of me. Karaja Amanat Salim, our father's uncle Amanat, Jalason, whose father died because of me, but he still called me uncle. They all died because of me. I can't forgive myself." He makes his way to leave, but again Yamach's voice is raised angrily saying: "Don't go, don't leave me alone." Vartolo cries and turns to him. Yamach hugs Vartolo and they both cry.


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