A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 368



Yamach and Vartolo have been crying on the graves of Karaja and Jalason until the morning and they have no way to mourn anymore. As the weather clears, Akin, Jomali, Mateen, Makkah, and Madd arrive. Akin, who still hopes that his sister is alive, falls to his knees when he sees Karaja's hand sticking out of the dirt and looks at Karaja's grave in disbelief. He pulls out the book that Azar had given to Karaja from under the dirt and holds it in his arms and quietly says under his breath, "I will keep it myself." Then, as if Karaja's death has just affected him, he gets up with fear and becomes short of breath. Yamach helps her breathe and hugs her tightly. Jumali is also standing in a corner facing Karaja's grave and is slowly shedding tears. Makkah sits next to Jalason and cries and asks him not to die and to stay alive. Mateen calms him down. In the meantime, Madd's eyes are only on Vartolo, who is holding a handful of dirt in his hand with a worried face and face, lowering his head and not noticing his surroundings at all. A little later, everyone pulls the bodies out from under the ground with the help of each other and puts them on the cars to take them to the pit. Madd, who is worried about Vartolo, does not go with the others and stays with Vartolo, who is sitting motionless, to take him home himself.

In the neighborhood, Ayesha, who heard the news of Karaja's loss, enters the neighborhood in her pajamas, confused and wandering, and moves towards the house of the Kochvalis. When the door of the small house opens to him, he rushes to Karaja's room and embraces her bloody wedding dress and cries loudly and from the bottom of his heart. Seeing this scene, Sultan realizes the story and he also sheds tears in disbelief. A little later, Ayesha takes the wedding dress to the front of the coffee house and sits there in front of the people of the neighborhood waiting for Karaja's body to arrive. Little by little, Damla, Afson, Saadat and the rest of the people who have heard about the incident join him and it becomes crowded in front of the coffee house. When Yamach and Jomali's car arrives, Ayesha goes to Ekin who is holding Karaja in his arms and cries out and asks for his daughter. They give Karaja to her and Ayesha sits there for a while and hugs Karaja and cries. The funeral and burial ceremony will be held tomorrow morning and Karaja will be buried next to Salim. Vartolo avoids others and leans on a tree at a distance from them and follows the ceremony. Madd takes his eyes off him for a moment, and when he turns his head again, Vartolo is no longer there. Madd gets worried and starts looking for Vartolo, but no one paid attention to him. Ayesha, who kept the wedding dress by her side the whole time, puts it on Karaja's grave, and at the same time, her crying becomes intense and she passes out. Jumali picks her up and takes her to Yamach's house and puts her on the bed in Ekin and Yasimeen's room. After the ceremony, Makkah, Metin and Farhad sit together in Yamach's house and mourn Jalason. Sultan entertains himself by cooking food and like other women in the neighborhood, he comes to Yamach's house with a pot of food. When Afsun opens the door for Sultan, he lets him into the house and starts working in the kitchen next to him and says, "Today is the day of mourning, there is no time for any more discussion." Everyone is crying for Karaja in a corner of the house. Yamach sits on the balcony and thinks about Karaja. Fasun sits next to him to hear his pain, Yamach says crying: "It was my uncle's trust... do you know where he buried it?" top of the mountain He strangled her in his own house. I saw his rejection. Karaja was very small... he was like a feathered bird... he was suffocated." The charm embraces him.

Nadim gives the latest information about the pit to Uncle Jumali and says, "The funeral ceremony was held today." But Vartolo has disappeared." Jumali asks him to focus more on Vartolo so that they don't get caught by his sudden attack and also expresses his concern that he is also in danger and that any little things may appear. Nadim says: "Don't worry. I talked to Shahram. It will come soon. He doesn't learn alone."

Madd, who could not find Vartolo, goes to Alicho for help, but Alicho is not well and keeps crying in front of his uncle's picture. Madd says: "I know you are not well. We have lost many people recently, but my brother is nowhere to be found. No one is paying attention to him... I am very afraid. I am afraid that something will happen to him." Alicho, who doesn't have the heart and soul to help him, says, "Go to Yamach." He finds it. He forgives Wartolo." Madd immediately goes to Yamach's house and tells him about Wartolo's departure. Yamach soon joins him to look for Vartolo. On the other hand, Vartolo, with sunken and bruised eyes and messy hair, is sitting behind the wheel of the car and driving angrily and fast. He only thinks about revenge.

At Yamach's house, when Ayesha opens her eyes and remembers Karaja's death, she storms into the hall and yells at Ekin and Jumali: "What kind of people are you? You protected Salim's trust very well. I told you that my daughter is cold, but you did not pay attention. What happened now, his killer is walking around outside and you are sitting here and just crying." Aisha rushes out of the house and moves towards the cemetery. Sultan follows him. Under the influence of Ayesha's words, Jumali quickly puts his gun on his back to seek revenge. Ekin, Metin, Makkah and Farhad also accompany him. When Jumali finds out that Makkah knows Uncle Jumali's places, he considers this enough and leaves. Damla, who could not dissuade him from his sudden decision, tells Farhad to inform the youths of the neighborhood so that if they come to their senses, they will help Jumali and not leave him alone.

The youths of the neighborhood, who heard the story from Farhad, line up in front of Jumali's car so that he can take them with him to take revenge. Jumali gets out of the car and angrily says to them: "My family, my father, my brother, my nephew are dying because of you, then why are you alive?" Because of this live money... I have no money to give you. Someone who is next to me dies for me and I die for those who are next to me. We have no money. Now go away so I don't crush you." The youths of the neighborhood shy away from Jomali's car to let him pass.


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