A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 367



At night, when Vartolo returns home, Saadat sits next to him to talk to him about the Karaja problem. He describes what he heard from Ekin and Yasmin and then says: "They say that Uncle Jumali killed Karaja." Vartolo looks at him dumbfounded without saying anything. Saadat says: "Don't you want to say something?" Vartolo says angrily: "What can I say?" Are you crazy? Uncle, why should he kill Karaja? What a monster he was... Isn't he the same man who put himself in front of a bullet for me? Why kill Karaja?" Saadat continues to argue with him and says: "If something happened to Karaja and if Yasmin's words are true, you are not to blame and have a role in her death." Vartolo gets angry and raises his hand to slap Saadat in the face, Saadat takes his hand and says: "Never do that." Let your face look at me."

Akin and Yamach go to Makkah to find out about Jalason and Karaja. Mecca says that he did not talk to Jalason on the phone, but he sends him messages, and in the last message Jalason told him that he is with Karaja and that they are happy together. Yamach and Ekin get confused again, and Yamach assigns Mecca to go to the city where Jalason has gone to bring him more detailed news.

On the same night, Uncle Jomali's men attacked the neighborhood under the pretext of taking revenge on Akif and created terror in the neighborhood with air arrows and shooting at the windows of the houses. Vartolo, Jomali and Yamach, who are in different places, move towards the attackers' car after hearing the sound of shooting and manage to kill a few people, but most of them run away. After escaping the attackers, Yamach and Jumali go to the coffee house and confront Vartolo and ask him how he is. Vartolo is happy that Jumali and Yamach are worried about him.

Tomorrow morning at Yamach's house, everyone shows up at the breakfast table with sadness and impatience, and Jomali protests that their next step is not clear and they have not yet avenged their uncle by killing Jomali's uncle, and they have no news about Karaja. Yamach says: "What should I do? Are we sure that Uncle Jumali went to Afghanistan? You find him, I will kill him. If I believe Yasmin's words, Mecca will be wrong. do not know what to do." At the same time, Farhad enters the house with Kulkan's decrypted laptop. Yamach, Jomali and other family members watch the movie where Kulkan talked to Vartolo and after watching the movie they curse Uncle Jomali. Yamach decides to play the film for Vartolo that night.

Saadat goes to Yamach's house with Idris and his suitcase and asks him to accept her in his house. To prove Yasmin's words, Saadat visited the house of the Kochvalis and found the bullet fired on the night of the incident, and gives the bullet to Yamach.

As it gets dark, on the wall of the building facing the coffee house, the video of Kulkan's speech to Vartolo is played. Yamach, Jomali, Madd, Morteza and some residents of the neighborhood are also there. Gulkan says: "Hello, my dear Vartolovi." When you are watching this video, I have been dead for a long time. I want to tell you something that I know you don't know. Three years ago, uncle Jomali handed over Yamach to me to take my revenge on him. Of course, we did not plan to kill Yamach and I only tortured him. Wartolo Saad al-Din I know that you will avenge your brother. I kiss you and take care of yourself." Vartolo sits on the chair in shock and his nose bleeds from the pressure of Gulkan's words. At the same time, Yamach puts the bullet that Saadat found at home in his hand. Vartolo suddenly gets up and looks at the license plate number of the car that was left in the pit and belonged to the last night's attackers and remembers that the license plate number belongs to one of Jomali's uncle's cars. Vartolo, who has finally managed to see the real face of Uncle Jumali, thinks about Karaja in this situation and rushes into the car. Yamach also sits next to him so they go after Karaja. On the other hand, the uncle's spy informs Nadeem about the video of Kulkan being broadcast in the neighborhood and that it was seen by Vartolo, and says that Vartolo went to the large warehouse to find Karaja. Nadim also tells his uncle about the matter, and Uncle Jomali, who is very nervous, asks Nadim to get to the large warehouse as soon as possible and finish Ahmed's work before Vartolo, so that the Karaja affair does not get exposed.

In the large warehouse, Vartolo and Yamach, after killing the guards, ask Mustafa, who claimed to have brought him home the night of Karaja's disappearance, where Karaja is, and Mustafa says, "I don't know." Ahmed knows. Leave me alone to lie." Yamach and Vartolo rush to the side barn to trap Ahmed and talk to him. Just at the moment when Nadim is about to kill Ahmad, Yamach and Vartolo arrive and Nadim runs away. They put Ahmed in their car so that Ahmed will take them to Karaja. Ahmed takes Vartolo and Yamach to a forest and points to the ground with trembling hands and says that Karaja is there. Vartolo and Yamach look in disbelief at the place Ahmed showed them. Vartolo kills Ahmed and sweeps the dirt away with his hands, and when he encounters Karaja's bruised hand, he cries along with Yamach.


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