A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 366



After his uncle's funeral, Vartolo goes to the coffee house and Ayesha enters there behind him and says to him with anger and annoyance: "You accused Yamach of not being able to protect uncle, but could you protect yourself?" ? where is my daughter now Where is Amanat Salim? You promised to find him, but there has been no news from Karaja for several days. Instead of teasing Yamach, look for Karaja." After Ayesha Vartolo leaves, as if Tare remembered the case of Karaja and became worried about her, she immediately leaves with Morteza. Ayesha also faces Ekin on the way and tells him angrily: "I asked uncle Yamachet, he didn't even know about going to Karaja." He does not know where my daughter is. You don't like me as a mother, but I am a mother and I can't rest until my daughter is found and I hear her voice." Ekin, who just found out that Yamach did not remove Karaja from the pit, is upset and worried about his sister.

Afsun goes to Yamach who is in Alicho's house to hear his words and sorrows. Yamach says: "I am sure that uncle Jomali killed my uncle. Who else could it be? It's just that he destroys all his opponents, but I can't do anything until Vartolo understands this. Vartolo knows very well that Uncle Jomali is on the other side, I can't hit Uncle Jomali because Vartolo protects himself." Afsun says: "Now that you can't fight Uncle Jumali without Vartolo, it's better to pull Vartolo to you." If so far the words of the method have not made an impact, then it is better to try another way. It is clear that sometimes talking is not useful and you have to show and prove what you say to Wartlow. Yamach thanks the charm and decides to listen to his offer.

Vartolo and Morteza go to the warehouse where Karaja was last seen. Wartolo questions the head of the warehouse and the staff there to get a clue from Caraja. The bodyguards talk to each other with small eye and eyebrow gestures and lie to him about Karaja. A man named Mustafa, who had not met Karaja at all the night he left, tells Vartolo that he personally brought Karaja home that night. Vartolo is a little suspicious of their behavior but doesn't say anything and leaves.

At home, Ekin talks to Yasmin about his uncle's funeral and says, "There was a fight." Yamach used to say that Uncle Jumali is the murderer of Amouah. Yasmin is shocked and says: "Did he kill him too?" Akin, who is scared and worried by his words, insistently asks what he means, and Yasmin says: "You won't believe me if I tell you." leave him." Akin insists again and promises to believe his words. Yasmin tearfully recounts that on the night when the whole family had gone to Yamach's house, Karaja and Uncle Jomali had a fight in the house and a shooting was heard and then Karaja was killed by Uncle Jomali. Ekin gets confused after hearing these words, but he still hopes that Yasmin's words are illusions. He rushes to the house of the little ones and starts to search the living room to find the bullet that Yasmin said was fired, but he doesn't find anything. Saadat asks him the reason for his anger, and Ekin explains the matter and goes on to say: "But I know that Uncle Yamach talked to Karaja to leave here." He must have followed Jalason under the influence of Yamach's words." Saadat remembers that Karaja told him that he will never go after Jalason and only by promising to leave, he will seduce him. Saadat angrily says to Ekin: "Karaja did not go after Jalason." He told me that he would not go. It's something else."

Yamach goes to the place where uncle was shot and finds a small piece of a letter. He takes the piece of paper to Alicho and asks: "Do you know what this is?" Alicho gets anxious and says, "I know it's a letter." I wrote it myself. Uncle said and I wrote." Yamach asks him to tell him what he wrote, but Alicho cries, "I don't understand." Uncle died for what he knew. If you know, you will die too. I can't bear to see you die anymore." Yamach does not pressurize him and does not ask any more questions and returns to his house. He has just reached home when Ekin comes to him and tells about the things he heard about Karaja.

Uncle Jumali is worried that Vartolo is pursuing the case of Karaja, and in order to divert his mind from Karaja, he says to Nadim, "Send some of our unknown people to the neighborhood to start a riot under the pretext of taking Akef's revenge."