A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 365



Uncle leaves the pit to Yamach and closes his eyes forever in his arms. Yamach, who still couldn't do anything and lost another loved one, stares helplessly at his uncle's lifeless body and then carries his body to the pit on his shoulders.

After attacking the pit and threatening Vartolo, Akef returned to his car showroom with his men. He calls Nadeem and happily says, "Don't worry. I told him that his father's son gave me his name. If they don't pay me, I know what to do with them." Meanwhile, Vartolo and his men attack his exhibition. Akef hides himself in the basement and sends his men to confront Vartolo. Vartolo, together with Mecca, Morteza and his other people, kills all of Akaf's people and then goes to the basement alone to settle the score. Akef immediately submits to him and says, "I'm sorry, brother." I did something bad, but you don't." Wartolo, who doesn't want to get rid of Akif with an arrow, hits him with his fist and shouts angrily: "What are you doing? Did you let me stay uncle? Did you let someone call me bro? He was my father's son. Only we understood each other."

Yamach puts his uncle's body on the ground in front of the coffee house and sits there with a mournful and sad face. A little later, Mateen, Makkah and Jomali also come to the coffee house to find uncle, but there they are confronted with his dead body and they fall asleep. Mateen and Jumali are sitting in a corner with sadness, and Madd takes the news to the house of Kochvalis. Sultan and Saadat, on the other hand, Damla and Afsun, are scared and reach the coffee house and console Yamach and Jomali. On the other hand, the people of the neighborhood, who have heard the news of the uncle's death, go to the coffee house, and a heavy silence prevails in the neighborhood. Alicho, who heard the news from Jarchi Mahaleh, goes to his room and screams out of grief. Vartolo and his men reach the neighborhood and Vartolo is moved by seeing the sad scene of people gathering around his uncle's corpse. As soon as he wants to approach Yamach and offer his condolences, Yamach raises his hand as a no sign and Vartolo stands in his place.

Yamach and Jomali bathe the uncle and tomorrow morning his funeral will be held with the presence of a number of people from the neighborhood and Kochvali's family. Yamach turns away Vartolo during the whole ceremony and does not even put uncle's coffin on his shoulders. Vartolo is also saddened by Yamach's behavior, but he tries his best to sympathize with Yamach. After burying the uncle, the people of the neighborhood go to a different direction and only the relatives of the uncle stay by his grave. Vartolo approaches Yamach and says to him: "Yamach, I offer my condolences. i understand you very sad I'm sad too... but why are you acting as if I killed uncle?" Yamach, who is angry enough with Vartolo, looks at him angrily and says: "You didn't touch him, but you caused his death." "Uncle Jomalit killed uncle." Vartolo again defends Uncle Jumali and says: "He is in Afghanistan." Why should he want to kill the uncle?" Yamach gets more greedy and starts to fight with Vartolo, but Jumali stops him so that there is no trouble at his uncle's grave. Yamach yells at Vartolo: "Your brain is burnt. you are dumb Did you see it with your own eyes, did you go to Afghanistan? Vartolo shouts angrily: "What are you doing with me?" are you crazy I know you don't like Uncle Jumali, I'm not in love with him, but despite that, it's been three years since a bullet was fired into the pit. If you are so sad, you would have protected uncle. You always do the same thing, when you can't protect and you don't help much, you attack this and that." Jomali wants to attack Vartolo as a supporter of Yamach, but Yamach, who is heartbroken by Vartolo's stinging words, tells Jomali: "Let him go, he is not righteous." My father's son would die for his life, but he was not willing to put this dagger in my chest. Yamach leaves there with sadness, and Vartolo, regretting his words, sits on the floor and blames himself.

Uncle Jumali's spy in the neighborhood brings the news of the cemetery fight to Nadim, and Nadim makes Uncle Jomali happy by telling this story. Uncle Jumali says: "Don't take any action for now and let them break up and get involved by themselves. But if they want to unite, then we will not sit idle either."

Yamach goes to Alicho's house. Alicho, who did not attend his uncle's funeral until he saw the moment of separation from him, has no more words with Yamach and enters his house with his uncle's picture to mourn his uncle in private.


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