A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 364



At the hospital, Ekin happily goes to Yasmin's room and tells her that he was very afraid of losing her and thanks God that he will see her again. Yasmin says sadly: "I wish the doctor's words would come true and I would die." Whether I am or not, I will make you sad. We can never be happy." Ekin says: "It's true that we can't be happy, but being miserable with you is enough for me." And embraces Yasmin. When Ekin asks Yasmin to pack her things so they can go home, Yasmin says, "I'm not coming to that house." Uncle Jumali will definitely kill me this time. You won't believe me, but I really didn't take many pills. Uncle Jumali gave me that pill." Ekin, who doubts Uncle Jumali and wants to believe Yasmin's words once and for all, takes him to Yamach's house.

Uncle Jumali says to Nadim on his way from the pit: "Now let's see if the pit can run without me or not." "Uncle's work should be finished by tonight."

Jumali goes to Akaf's car showroom and says to him: "Do you know Vartolo Saad Edin?" Have you ever bought a gun from him?" Akef says angrily: "I know him, I bought a gun from him. Will you charge me back at my place?" Akef's bodyguards approach Jomali and Jomali shoots them all in the blink of an eye and then points the gun at Akef and says: "You will put the sex you got from Vartolo on the truck and like Kid, give me the switch of the truck. you got it?" Akef inevitably agrees, but after Jomali leaves, he gathers his men to attack Jomali and take back his weapons. At the same time, Tadim enters Akaf's place and tells him: "I am not your enemy, even at this moment I am considered your friend." Vartolo Saad al-Din and his brothers put a hat on your head and took your money and your weapons from you. I will put my men at your disposal to attack Vartolo, and in return, it is enough to tell him that his father's son gave you his address."

Vartolo goes to see Yamach and worriedly tells him: "Uncle Jumali went to Afghanistan." It is clear that he will not return alone. He has many allies and it is because of his power that Gudal has been safe all these years. If uncle comes back with his man, there will be a big problem." Yamach says: "Leave the trouble to him." You are on their side anyway. Why worry?" Vartolo says: "I am not your enemy, Yamach." Yamach says: "I know you are not. Even you were my uncle Saleh who would pick me up whenever I fell down, but Vartolo Saaduddin never showed mercy to me and I suffered a lot from him. "I will not spare Vartolo to protect my father's trust." Vartolo, who could not convince him, leaves angrily.

When Jomali takes the weapons to Yamach, Madd says, "Whatever you want to do with these weapons, Vartolo will understand because he is smarter than all of you." He didn't grow up in luxury like you, and he went through a lot of hardships, and he knows everything about weapons, materials, and such things." Jomali wants them to find a way to deliver the weapons to the gun dealers in Gudal, but Yamach says, "Madd is right." Vartolo knows me better than myself and he understands whatever I do... Vartolo is also right. The old pit was not honest and innocent. We sold weapons. "I will find another way and not bring the weapons into the neighborhood." Jumali gets nervous and protests and says: "We are selling weapons, Yamach." Our people were homeless and hungry and my father started selling the pit with guns. If we don't sell weapons, then what should we do?" Yamach says: "My father saw that way as right, but I am not my father. I will find another way. You didn't expect this decision, did you? So Vartolo doesn't expect it either."

In the middle of the night, Uncle Jomali's henchmen pass Idris's car in front of Yamach's house to get his uncle's attention. Uncle, who has been waiting for Idris all day, leaves the house and follows Idris's car on foot. On the other hand, Ekin calls Jumali and informs him that uncle is not at home. Jomali, Yamach, and Madd roam the streets and shout uncle's name.

Akef and his henchmen attack the coffee house and shoot it. Vartolo and Morteza, who are in the coffee shop, take shelter behind the table, and after the coffee shop is shelled, Akif approaches Vartolo and tells him: "You put a hat on my head and took my money." One day you have time to pay me back, otherwise I will shoot you in the brain next time. Jato, your father's son told me." After Akef Vartolo leaves, he gathers his men to go to him for revenge. On the way, Vartolo sees Yamach and angrily tells him: "I expected everything from you except this. Do you want to be your brother's killer?" Ymach doesn't understand what he means and Vartolo continues: "Because of you, I was dying in this coffee house. Not for you and on the way to save you, I was dying for you. Now that you want to fight so much. I am ready." He leaves in a hurry to take revenge on Akaf, and Yamach, not really understanding the situation, says to Jomali: "Doesn't Saleh know me?" Doesn't he know I don't do that? Something is happening. The case is suspicious."

Idris's car is parked in a secluded place and uncle confronts uncle Jumali and remembers the recent events when he sees him. Uncle Jomali burns his uncle's letter in front of his eyes and says: "I told you not to forget the day you threatened me." He points his gun at his uncle and continues: "Do you have any last words?" Uncle opens his hands to both sides and says, "Kill me, Jumali." Because even if I die, I will not die. Kill me, because with my death, a pit will be opened, and that's when the war will begin." Humo Jumali pauses and then shoots uncle three times. The sound of bullets brings Yamach to the scene. No one is there except uncle. Yamach hugs his uncle and angrily says, "Hang on, I'll call an ambulance now." Uncle says: "Don't be afraid, my son. I will lend you the pit. Protect the pit from that person." He takes his last breath in Yamach's arms and closes his eyes. Yamach is stunned and looks at the uncle who is not breathing anymore.


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