A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 363



At the hospital, Ayesha asks Karaja from Yamach and says: "Ekin said that you told Karaja to go." Where did you send it?" Yamach says that he talked to Karaja but did not know about his departure and did not send him anywhere. Aisha gets worried and asks Yamach to find her daughter. Meanwhile, the news of the attack on his uncle reaches Yamach, and he and Jomali go to Alicho's house. When, Jumali and Yamach meet Uncle Mateen who has bruises and wounds on his head and face, they are upset when they realize that no one from the neighborhood came to help them, and Yamach says with surprise, "I mean, they have Uncle in the middle of the neighborhood." Stealing and no one came to help?!" Jumali says, "I told you that the pit has changed a lot." When the uncle regains consciousness, his memory is gone again and he is unaware of the events. He goes to Idris again.

The doctor tells Kochvali's family: "Unfortunately, Yasmin's condition is not good at all." We did everything we could." Akin gets very upset and says to the doctor: "Is there anything we can do for him?" Tell us something to do. Unfortunately, it is not possible for Yasmin... tell him to get another doctor and he will learn everything he can." The doctor has nothing to say, and Vartolo, who understands Akin's distress, says to the doctor: "You said sorry, but you didn't say that we lost him." it's true?" The doctor also says: "You can't lose hope in God. Let's wait until tomorrow morning and see what happens." Ekin sits down on the floor in despair and Vartolo tries to comfort him. Ekin suddenly gets up and runs out of the hospital. He goes to Afsun and begs him to do what he did to make her better this time for Yasmin. Afsun agrees and goes with her to the hospital and in Yasmin's room he puts his hands on her head and chest and concentrates for a while.

Yamach, knowing that the Masked One will try to take Uncle again, sets a trap for him and drags him into the pit's underground prison so they can fight. The masked man performs his combat moves in front of Yamach to show his readiness. Yamach throws the metal rod towards him and the masked man grabs it to use the rod as a weapon. He places the end of the rod on the wet ground, and at the same time, Yamach connects the electric current and electrocutes the masked man, and while the masked man's body is shaking, Yamach beats him with a stick. A little later, the masked man takes advantage of Yamach's negligence and escapes to the roof. Yamach goes to the roof behind him and beats him there. When the masked man puts his gun in Yamach's arm, Yamach attaches a bomb to the back of his neck and kicks him off the roof and pulls the trigger of the bomb, thus killing the masked man. to be That night, Yamach goes to the neighborhood with his wounded hand and calls out to the youths. He says to them: "Today, they will take away your uncle." We were losing it. In front of Alicho's house, uncle was taken, then one of you didn't go to help him. Is this your new pit? Are you such a person? What should I do to open your eyes?" Everyone looks at Yamach with shame, and Yamach shoots an arrow at Ejvit's leg and angrily says, "Surely you want me to explain it to you like this, don't you?" Ajvit is in pain and moaning. Yamach grabs his collar and asks him to get up and ask the people of the neighborhood for help in his new pit. Ejwit goes to the doors of houses and asks people for help, but no one expects trouble and no door opens for Ejwit. "This is your new pit," Yamach says to the youth.

Tomorrow morning at the hospital, the doctor tells Akin and Ayesha about Yasmin's miraculous recovery and they are very happy. On the other hand, Mecca, who was influenced by Yamach's words last night, goes to his house and hugs him and says, "I have opened my eyes, brother." The rest of the children are also aware of the situation in the pit, but they need to be hopeful in order to return to you." Yamach understands what he means and Mecca says that Vartolo sold his Eshahs to a person named Akef. Yamach, who doesn't know Akef's family, calls Esmat and asks him about the gun store named Akef. Asmat, who knows only one Akaf and introduces him as a changeling, gives Yamach an address. Yamach assigns Jomali to take back the weapons and asks Mecca to stay with his uncle as an infiltrator and spy on him.

Uncle Jumali has gathered his things to get ready to go to Afghanistan. He tells Vartolo, who is worried about his departure: "Yamach destroyed a tanker of mine and I have to go to Afghanistan to fix the broken relationships with my partners." Because if the situation continues like this, I will not be able to make money, nor will I be able to protect the pit. Your brother Yamach, out of greed, even tried to destroy you, and you should also be careful." Vartolo is worried that Uncle Jumali will not return to the pit alone next time to court Yamach and bring his powerful allies to avenge their lost sexes. He cannot dissuade the uncle from leaving and worries about Yamach and Gudal.


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