A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 361



Uncle, who has regained his memory for two or three days and is afraid of forgetting again, goes to Alicho's house early and tells him that he wants to write a letter again and this time he will keep it himself. Alicho writes his uncle's letter to him.

Yamach goes to the front of the coffee shop with Jomali and in the presence of Vartolo and Amojomali, he says loudly to the people: "Anyone who hates the drug business and cooperates with them out of necessity and wants to return to his former job means The gun shop is back, come here tomorrow so that we can deliver the weapons to them." Many people accept Yamach's proposal, and Vartolo, who is angry with the people's decision, tells them: "Anyone who goes back to working with guns should leave Gudalo." "I will not allow the gun to enter the pit." Yamach tells Vartolo that he didn't ask for his opinion and leaves. Wartolo, who knows that Yamach will find weapons under the rock, tells Morteza: "Find a customer who urgently needs weapons."

Uncle enters the coffee shop and angrily says to Uncle Jumali: "Get up from Idris's chair. There is a place for hydrangeas." Uncle Jumali stands facing his uncle and says: "I am my physical brother Adri." Uncle says: "You are the same brother that Idris shot you in this coffee house. If you don't want to tell everyone the truth about you, get out of the pit. I will give you two days to leave here." Uncle Jumali, who is a little scared, refuses and accepts two days to think about it, but he asks uncle to never forget his threatening words because he will pay for it. After this conversation, Uncle says to Nadim, "Uncle must finish his work by tomorrow night." But I want him alive. I have to shoot him."

Vartolo and Morteza go to the place of a man named Akif who needs weapons and promise to sell him weapons below the price and agree.

Uncle Jumali goes to Yasmin's room with the strong pills he got from Nadeem. Saadat tries to give her Yasmin's pills, but Yasmin doesn't want them and rejects them. Uncle Jumali tells Saadat that he himself gives Yasmin pills and in front of Saadat, he kindly offers her the new pills that he put in Yasmin's medicine box. Yasmin says with fear: "I will not ask God for anything." Please let me go." He asks uncle to leave the room and takes the pills to get him out of there.

Jomali and Yamach load weapons into the pit and take them to a warehouse. Vartolo and his men follow them and enter the warehouse, where they look for weapons, and instead they come across the red handkerchiefs Yamach left in the boxes for Vartolo. Seeing the handkerchiefs, Wartol smiles and says, "Yamach, you underestimated us a lot." He calls Morteza and asks him to take action. They have found real weapons in Alicho's house. Vartolo gets there and puts Alicho to sleep with herbal medicine and steals the weapons. Tomorrow morning in front of the coffee house, Yamach is embarrassed and unable to supply people with weapons. He, who knows that everything is under Vartolo's head, looks at him with anger. Vartolo, who sold the weapons below the price to Akaf, shows the money for the weapons to desperate and penniless people and says to them: "Whoever needs money and needs food, wants work and burdens." Go to the coffee house." One by one, the young people leave Yamach and go to the coffee house.

In the morning, Ekin, who worked all night in the warehouses, arrives home and enters his room. He sees Yasmin unconscious and foaming at the mouth...


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