A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 359



Uncle Jumali, with cold sweat on his forehead, goes out of the house to take a breath and sits by the garden. He killed Karaja a few minutes ago and now he calls Nadim to settle this matter and asks him to take himself home as soon as possible. Uncle Jumali packs a suitcase for Karaja and takes him in the car with Nadim. Yasmin, who did not go to Yamach's new house with the others and stayed at home to rest, secretly sees uncle through the door and notices what happened. She is crying softly but she doesn't move because of fear.

On the other hand, Ayesha dreams that Karaja is sleeping next to her and tells her: "Mom, I don't feel anything anymore. It's enough to be next to you. I miss you. I am very cold." Ayesha hugs him and jumps out of sleep at that moment. With apprehension, he thinks about the last time he saw Karaja and was upset by his cold and indifferent behavior. Ayesha keeps calling Karaja, but there is no news from Karaja. He gets very worried and restless all night.

After defeating Yamach, Vartolo returns to the neighborhood with Morteza and does not know how to respond to Uncle Jumali. While grumbling, he goes to the coffee shop, but he realizes that his uncle is not in the coffee shop and the women of the family have gone to their house to see Yamach and his daughter. Vartolo is upset that he was not invited to Yamach's house.

At Yamach's house, Afsun is angry that Sultan entered the house and argues with Yamach Jero upstairs and tells him loudly: "This woman has no right to come here. very wonderful I took him out and he came back with some gift baskets and other items. I don't want to be here." Yamach tries to calm her down and says, "It is clear that my mother is very sorry. I don't want to forgive him, but at least go downstairs and talk to them." He accepts the charm and sits in front of the guests. Saadat tries to open up the conversation, but Sultan just keeps his head down and listens in shame. Afsun brings the matter to the point where he reminds Satan that his daughter was pregnant with Masal the night he threw him out of his house and says that bringing a gift for Masal will not change anything. Jomali is also upset about the presence of Sultan and Saadat there and asks them to return to their house to their beloved uncle as soon as possible. Saadat, Sultan, Fayaz and Jannet get up to leave, but Yamach does not allow it and tells them: "We are a family." We have to solve our problems." Vartolo comes intruding and Jumali, who cannot bear to see him in his house, says: "Why did this scoundrel hide in my house?" Saadat objected to the curse that Jomali gave to her husband and Vartolo said to Jomali: "You family, be good together and I'm to blame. If you are bad to each other, I'm also to blame." It's always been like this, it's my fault. Of course, you are used to this, Mr. Jumali, you put your hand on your back to take your gun and threatened me with it. I know the time when you pulled me out of the pit. Jumali gets angry and says that Jomali's uncle's death has nothing to do with the case and cannot be compared to the story of that day. He jumps towards Vartolo and there is nothing left to beat him, but the others stop Jumali and stop him. Jumali tries to kick Vartolo out of his house several times, but Yamach stops him and says: "We all made mistakes as a family. But we must also learn to forgive each other." Afsun, who hears these words, turns to Yamach and says: "Then I wish happiness for you and your family." Because some mistakes are unforgivable." He goes upstairs to collect his things and Yamach follows him to stop him. He takes Masal's spell to leave earlier, and Yamach tries to stop him. Enchant ignores his words until Yamach calls Ekin to find out that he has found Kulkan. After realizing this, Afsun stops going to take revenge on Gulkan. In the meantime, Vartolo finally leaves Yamach and Jomali's house after a lot of arguments.

Afsun and Yamach go to the hotel where Kulkan plans to stay that night and see him in the corridor of the hotel. For a moment, Afsun remembers the troubles that happened to him because of Gulkan and has a nervous attack and falls on the ground. Gulkan gets a chance to escape and runs out of the hotel building. A little later, Yamach and Afsun look for Kulkan in the alleys with guns in hand, but they lose him again, and Afsun, despairing of revenge, sits helplessly in a corner. Kulkan runs to the roof and looks at Yamach and Afsun who are still looking for him. He sees the masked man behind him and is thrown from the building by the masked man. His half-life body falls right in front of the spell. Afsun approaches Gulkan and remembers that he told him before: "When you are dying, the last face you will see will be my face." Afsun shoots a few bullets at Gulkan's head and breathes a sigh of relief with his revenge. Yamach also goes to the roof where Gulkan was thrown from and finds his bag and laptop there.


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