A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 358

Pit 125-2

Kulkan realizes that Jenak is dead and when he goes to his house, he goes to his laptop and sends the video to Wartlow in which he told Wartlow what his uncle did to them and threatens him that if 25 million If Lear doesn't give it to him, he will send this video to Wartlow. Jomali gets very angry but decides to silence Kulkan!

Akin tells Yamach that they are going to come to their house at night and then happily says: "I want to take my Yasmin and come to you, uncle." Yamach says: "Your feet are always on the spring." But you being in that house is necessary for Akin. Akin agrees and tells him about Karaja and the fact that his uncle kicked Jalason out of the neighborhood. Yamach first asks Akin to stand guard in front of Janak's house to tell him if there is any news, and then he goes to Karaja to talk to him.

When Karaja meets Yamach in the middle of the road, he gets out of the car and stands in front of him. "Everyone says you stand by your uncle instead of your family, right?" Yamach says. Karaja says without fear: "That's right." Because you don't understand, but uncle is protecting the pit. Yamach says: "That person is taking advantage of you." Even your father died on the way to protect the pit... I know how much smarter you are than all of us, Karaja. You killed yourself because of the pit of the person you loved and killed with your own hands..." And he gets angry and says: "You always make the best decision and you don't leave your family alone because you are a healthy girl. And he goes. Karaja, crying, tries to control himself and gets back into the car.

Wartlo hears that Jumali has spread the news in the area that there is work for everyone and now a large number of residents have gone to the villages. Uncle Jumali gets angry after hearing this news and Wartlow says again that he will solve this problem himself.

Yamach goes to Kadir club and smiles when he sees Jomali and the others dressed up and dressed in suits just like before. Kadir still keeps his word and accepts them as the protectors of his place.

Wartlow sent Morteza to move the genders. Bilal, without having a happy heart, gives them his trailers and sees Yamach at the last moment and is happy. Yamach says to leave it to him and goes to Morteza. Morteza turns to him with a smile and says: "You came late, Yamach!" All genders are now in the ship. Yamach calmly says: "Maybe something went along with that sex that is not very beneficial for you!" Morteza gets very angry and points a gun at him, and Yamach's companions point their guns at him from all sides, and even Alicho's weapon can be seen from afar on Morteza's chest. When Morteza sees that they are not joking, he pulls back.

Karaja visits one of his uncle's warehouses, when he suddenly sees Jalason's rosary in the hands of one of the guards there, and his mind is confused all the time, and he even asks Mecca if he talked to Jalason or not. And he immediately calls him, but Jalason's phone is switched off. Karaja returns to the same warehouse again after an hour and asks that boy to accompany him on the pretext that he does not have a companion to return to the neighborhood. Inside the car, Karaja's eyes are constantly on the rosary and he asks the boy to give him the rosary so that he can make sure of it closely, and when he sees the kite attached to it, he becomes disgusted and remembers Jalason, and angrily grabs the gun. He pulls it out and puts it on the boy's head and asks: "Tell me where Jalason is?!" »

Wartlow goes to Kadir club with some people, but Jumali is there. Undaunted, Wartlow steps forward and pulls out his gun as the men in the pit charge at him. Jomali smirks and Wartelo is forced to retreat, when Morteza calls him to come.

The young boy takes Karaja to the place where Jalason is buried. In disbelief, Karaja first kills the boy and then goes towards the dirt trap under which Jalason is sleeping and screams from the bottom of his heart.

Wartlow makes himself to Morteza as Yamach steps forward and asks him to look at the scene in front of him and takes control of it which causes them to explode. "Don't, Yamach," Wartlow says sadly. War breaks out. Yamach says: "It is very interesting to hear this from you." And without delay, he presses the button and explodes all the uncle's sexes.

Karaja chases uncle Jumali with great anger and sees that uncle is dating Kulkan and gives him the money he asked for. Karaja laughs like crazy when he sees this scene.

Sultan and the others go to Yamach's house with the gifts in their hands. Jumali doesn't want to come home but Yamach asks her to cut short and when they arrive home at the same time as Sultan and the others, Yamach helps them take the gifts home. Afsun goes in front of the door and when he sees Sultan, he stares at him angrily.

When Uncle Jumali enters the house, Karaja angrily pulls out his gun and says: "You said that Jalasun will do nothing if I kick him out of the neighborhood. "Jomali ignores himself and Karaja says: "Kulkan, what? I saw that you dated him! Uncle Yamacham was right all along. You are the one whom you tortured for years. I attribute all this to Wartlow. Upon hearing this, uncle angrily jumps towards him and takes the gun from his hand and throws it to the other side. Karaja runs away from him to get to the gun, when the uncle pulls him from behind and puts a tent on him, wraps his hands around Karaja's neck and says with hatred: "You shouldn't talk! You should not say anything. And he presses his hands more until Karaja dies under his hands... Yasmin watches these scenes all the time crying silently.


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