A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 355

Pit 124-3

Wartlo, who has already threatened Jalal to go and date Bilal, at night instead of Jalal, he and his men go to Bilal's place and after introducing himself, he says: "I don't want to force you to do anything, but when all this trill Darin, let my uncle's work start! Bilal says that he does not want to do this and that he has spoken to Jumali. "Well, it can't be like this," says Vartlo Kalafe. We also have to enter through another way. ” and shows a video showing four of Bilal's trailers being blown up. Bilal is horrified to see this scene and asks him to stop and says miserably: "You are taking everything away from me with this cartoon." ok i accept And Wartlow, happy that he has achieved his goal, asks him to come to the coffee house tomorrow and talk with Uncle Jumali himself.

Karaja is thinking, and when Akin asks what happened, Karaja tells him about Jalason. "Are you crazy?" Akin says. Well, go and relax yourself. Karaja says that he will not leave uncle alone. "I know Karaja you've always needed to be loved," Ekin says. You think this uncle loves you, but he is just using you. Karaja says angrily: "Because for the first time I took your place and there is no more talk of you, you are so greedy and say this!" And returns to his room.

Yamach rents the desired house and goes to Jumali's house and tells them to pack up to go to their house. Damla gets up from the table and Jumali looks at her and says: "It's better if we don't come." Don't you see Damla getting upset? Damla returns with two boxes to collect household items. Yamach also smiles and with the help of the neighbors they collect the things and go to their new house. "This is our home," says Yamach. Everyone is going to speak here one by one. Jomali says: "Wartlo can't come with the name Wartlo if he wants to, but he can with the name Saleh!" »

Yamach goes to Afsun with Masal and tells him that they are going to their home. Afsun goes with him and when Yamach sees his sadness and boredom and asks why, Afsun says: "I used to take that pill to forget everything and now the hard part is that I remember everything one by one." . Yamach says that some time is needed and Afsun says: "I just want to sleep for a while to get better." »

The news reaches Yamach that Bilal has come to the neighborhood. He immediately takes himself to the neighborhood. Uncle Jumali tells Bilal: "It is true that you agreed to cooperate with us, but the conditions have changed!" » Bilal is forced to remain silent and when uncle says goodbye, seeing Yamach, he raises his hand towards Bilal to kiss it. Yamach lowers his head in sadness and Bilal, humiliated, kisses uncle Jumali's hand and leaves.

Karaja orders a special rosary and happily receives it and calls Jalason to meet each other.

Saadat hears that Yamach and his daughter have met and that he has bought a house and gathered all the family members. Sultan becomes very happy and prepares to go to see his grandson!

Yamach goes to Bilal and asks regretfully: "Why? Bilal says sadly: "Forcing Yamach." If I knew, would I have done this? They say you should not be needy. Never let people and your neighborhood need this person. And he goes.

Sultan goes to the door of Yamach's house and opens the door with a charm. Sultan says: "My daughter, I came to see if I can see my grandson." Afsun smiles at first, but then grabs Sultan's collar and throws him outside just like when he threw him out of the house. Sultan begs him not to do this, but he releases the spell and returns home, and Sultan cries.


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