A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 352

Pit 123-4

Damla sends Jomali away without telling Jomali about Bilal's request at night and burns the envelope that Bilal gave her! Jomali goes to Madad without knowing it and pulls him out who has locked himself in the house for several days and they go to the roof to set up a barbeque and eat barbecue and be together. Ejvit sees them from a distance and misses the memory of the past and wants to be with them.

When Yamach gets home and sees the envelope, he picks it up, and when he sees the picture, he says angrily: "It's junk." It was a joke. And at the same time he leaves to find her house. After some time, he arrives at Jenak's house, and when Jenak opens the door, Yamach attacks him and punches him hard in the face. Jenak says: "When they want to execute someone, they give him a chance to do the last thing he wants. Yamach gives him this permission and Genk gets up and picks up a glass of liquor and says: "Good luck forgetting and staying alive!" and pours its contents on Yamach's face and runs away. Yamach runs after him and Jenak, who is not paying attention, enters the street and at the same time a car hits him and kills him. Yamach stares at him from afar and then leaves.

Bilal is worried about his contract and calls Yamach and asks when they will arrive. Yamach, who didn't know anything, steps on the gas so that he can be next to Bilal.

When Uncle Jumali calls Mecca, Morteza, Jalason and Akin to go and prevent Bilal's contract and attack him, Yasmin enters the house and tells Akin with fear and trembling: "Akin, don't go. stay with me Uncle Jumali is heartbroken and asks Ekin to be with his wife. Wartlow, who is complaining about Yamach's hand, decides to be the leader of this work.

When Wartlow and the others arrive at Bilal's contract, suddenly someone from far away wearing a mask pushes a button and bombs explode in front of them. Wartlow and the others immediately get out of the cars and take cover, but Wartlow asks the others not to shoot because he knows that this is Yamach's work. On the other hand, Bilal successfully sells his goods and calls Yamach and thanks him. Yamach, who is still on the way, falls and does not know what happened.

The masked man was Ekin, who did not go to this mission with the cooperation of Yasmin in order to prevent Uncle Jumali's work. With a smile on his face, he returns to the garage and starts the car with the little boy, and when the engine starts, he happily remembers Idris when he was riding in his car. He had been working on Idris's car all along to get it running again.


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