A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 351

Pit 123-3

Yamach sleeps in front of Fasun, and when Fasun wakes up in the morning, he cries and says: "I couldn't do it again, didn't I?" Yamach tries to calm him down and asks him to remember what happened. Afsun says: "I don't remember his face, but he was a tall man..." Yamach thinks. When Afsun leaves, he says angrily: "Yamach, I miss my daughter so much..." Yamach immediately goes to Jumali's house and picks up Masal and takes her to Sahar's house. But in the courtyard of the house, he asks Masal to paint on the walls there. Masal decides to paint his mother. Yamach gently knocks on the window and Afsun stares at Masal with love from behind the window... Yamach asks Masal to leave a note for Afsun to make him happy. When Afsun looks at his own face in the mirror, he loses control for a moment and throws the vase towards the mirror. Its sound reaches the ears of Yamach and Masal. Yamach tries to distract Masal and they leave after painting. As Afsun stares at the wall in front of her in the courtyard, she sees that Yamach wrote to her on behalf of Masal: "Mom, I love you so much. And he is happy.

Uncle Jumali's people find Jenak's house and find a photo of Jenak, Kulkan and another person who tortured Yamach and give it to uncle. Uncle takes the photo and draws a plan. He calls Ekin, Jalason and Mecca to his room, but then asks them to wait outside for a while and leaves the door open and says loudly so that they can hear: "These are the people who tortured Yamach." My address is on the back. It is better not to tell Yamach so as not to create more problems for him and solve it ourselves. Mecca, Ekin, and Jalason hear these words. When no one is in the room, one of the three people goes to uncle's room and takes the photo. His uncle's men follow him and see Jalason putting the photo in an envelope and leaving it in front of Jumali's house!

Yamach happily informs Alicho that he can go home now. Alicho is very happy and excited, but when they reach his house, they see that everything is back to normal. Seeing them, Wartlo goes forward and says to Yamach: "I told you not to cause trouble!" You sat in my father's chair, but you could not protect anyone! Yamach says: "That's right, but you should know that uncle next to you buys people!" And at the end he says: "I will not be short, Vartoli Saadatuddin!" And he tells Alijo about the fact that he could not get his house back at the moment. Alicho leaves Yamach alone for a moment and angrily goes to Vartlo and says: "This is a pit. Our home is all of us. The public told me that the pit protects you. Uncle Idris promised me. "Wartlow stares at him sadly and after he leaves, he says under his breath: "I understand, Alicho, wait a minute. »

Tonight, Bilal has to sell his goods to the customer and get his money. But he is afraid of Jomali's uncle and his attack, so he sends one of his people to the door of Jomali's house to get help from Yamach and Jomali. But Damla opens the door and Bilal asks her to tell Jomali. Damla is indecisive and does not know what to do.


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