A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 347

Pit 122-3

Jomali goes there to take Alicho's house and takes his chair with him and sits in front of the restaurant. The owner of the kulafe shop is saying something. Jomali gets angry and attacks him and his workers until Jomali's uncle's men arrive and beat Jomali.

Under the pretext of wanting to walk around the neighborhood, Akin asks uncle Jumali's permission and secretly goes to the garage and repairs a car with a boy.

Fasun calms down a bit and says to Yamach: "If it wasn't for Masal, I wouldn't be strong." I could not survive. Yamach goes forward and says: "I am alive because of you." Fasun suddenly gets angry and says: "Do you know what I did?" Yamach says: "No matter how hard it is, you have to live. "Efsun greedily says: "Never tell me about life! I know much better than you! Yamach Kalafe opens the lock and says: "Okay then!" you can be free But later, if you or your work causes damage to a strand of that girl's hair, how are you going to forgive yourself? Afsun pauses for a moment with concern just for Masal's sake and pulls back and immediately closes the cage door and turns a corner. Then he asks Yamach to lock it immediately.

Alicho's house owner goes to Jomali's uncle and complains about Yamach and Jomali. Uncle says that he will solve this problem himself.

When Alicho and Ummi are waiting for Jomali's arrival, the man who took his house and uncle's men attack him and Ummi and beat them and ignore their pleas.

Jumali reaches home with a scar on his head and face. Damela sadly bandages his wounds and says: "At least tell me what you want to do, so that I can prepare myself and my daughter for it in advance." To know if you are going to survive or not. Jomali gets up with annoyance and says: "Little Jomali, who am I?" I can not stand! But you are right, it is better to give up hope! So I will go to the market and sell fruit. »

Nadim informs Uncle Jumali that Yamach and Jumali, along with Mateen, Madd and Farhad, were the ones who blew up their trucks that night. For this reason, the uncle sends his men to Farhad to beat him up and steal the little boy Metin for a few moments to threaten him.

Uncle Jomali goes to the market and finds Jomali's bed and sits next to him and tells a memory of Idris. Then he turns his tone seriously and says: "The period that Idris took here with Emmi and Pasha is over!" I am in front of Ruth! If you kiss my hand, nothing. But I gave you a new birth certificate so that you can easily move around the city without any trouble from the police! You better not forget our date, otherwise I know how to act against it! Think about your family and then make a decision! »


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