A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 341

Pit 120-3

Early in the morning, Jumali and Yamach talk to Madd and Matin about saving the tankers of Bilal before the party. But the problem they have is that they don't know the address of the sexes that Jomali is going to transfer to take revenge on Bilal.

Alicho sadly goes to Emmi who is still sitting in the alley waiting for him in the early morning. Emmi says sadly: "Alichu, I have been waiting for you in this cold for hours. Why did you go and be so late? Alicho says sadly and with a full heart: "I am Alicho, my mother, I am not a beggar." Ammi sadly tries to calm him down.

Yamach goes to Aisha's hair salon. Ayesha is happy to see him and hesitantly goes forward and hugs him and says: "You came because of me Yamach?" My family doesn't like me much anymore. Yamach kindly says: "Whatever you do, you are a part of this family, no one can interfere with you." Ayesha smiles and a little later Yamach asks her to find out through Morteza where the location of the sexes they are transferring is. Ayesha looks at me and says: "But Yamach, I don't want to fall out with Uncle Jumali." no one wants Yamach understands and accepts.

Wartlow and Madd go to a shop to buy suits for the party. When saying goodbye, Wartlow asks Madd to go on a mission together like before, but Madd shouts angrily: "I'm not going anywhere with you because you sold me to that uncle Martike!" Wartlow and he argue a little and they fight again.

Jumali, Madd, Metin, and Yamach have gathered in Metin's pub. Madd happily talks about the address he learned from Wartlow.

When Ayesha sees Morteza, she twists her question and says: "From now on, wherever you go, you must tell me!" I don't know who you are going with! For example, where are you going to go before the party? What important work do you have that you are late for? Morteza tells him the address in order to get him out of this doubt. Ayesha also quickly conveys what she heard to Yamach.

Shab Afsun has another performance at the end. Nizam approaches him with a smile and says: "You said that Yamach can be found, so what happened?" Why did he come out of the water so scared?! Afsun doesn't have the patience to argue with her and just rushes back home to be with her daughter. Yamach, who is nearby, sees the enchantment and Masal from afar through the window glass. Suddenly, Nizam approaches Fasun and caresses her hair. Seeing this scene, Yamach angrily and alone attacks Nizam's house and removes all the guards from the way. Afsun, who hears the sound of the gun, hugs Masal with fear and trembling, and they hide in the corner of the room. Nizam, who is scared, enters his room and threatens him. But Yamach arrives and pulls Nizam out of the room and pierces his hand with a gun and punches him in the face with all his strength until he dies. Yamach goes to Efsun who is scared and asks him to calm down, but Efsun cries and says: "Go away, otherwise they will harm my daughter." Yamach hugs him and Masal and takes them out of the house.


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