A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 34

Pit 39-1

Yamach and the others are still watching the house of Judge Saifuddin and it is clear that they are all upset. "From a distance, it looks impossible," says Wartlow. But when you get close to him, his weak points become clear.

Chatto and Jumali are still imprisoned in a warehouse and talk a little through the tube. Jumali tells him: "I am such a person. like themselves I will not let a single thread be damaged. Chatto laughs and says: "I don't have hair!! But don't worry, I do it myself. Jumali is checking everything he finds in a rope box.

Jalason takes Mate to the hospital and then because he had promised a person named Mustafa to bring him the car and he was not able to, Mustafa beats one of the people and then asks Jalason to visit him. Jalason arrives at his car showroom and Mustafa Khan says without preamble: "I showed the customer the photos of the car that you were supposed to deliver to me, and he brought me the money for the car." Now that there is no news about the car, what should I do with this money? I can return it, but I have to either give him my spleen or a kidney or something! He threatens Jalason and asks him to find and bring the car to him as soon as possible.

After inspecting that house, Madd turns to everyone and says that there is a hut behind the house that no one has anything to do with the hut. And most likely there is a tunnel from that hut to the house. Yamach thinks for a long time and then goes to Rashid Fazlullah with Vartello and puts the medicine that causes heartache on his table and then asks him to pour it into the glass of one of the guests. Rashid says: "I told you not to mess with me." Yamaj and Wartlow try to satisfy him in any way they can to enter the house.

Khadija and Akshin are still in Aisha's house. Khadija still hasn't come to her senses and she doesn't know about the house fire. He goes to Akshin and asks him about his children's album. Ayesha explains to him that the house is burnt. Khadija is mad and wants to beat Akshin, but Ayesha stops her and punches herself in the head and face. Jalason arrives and pulls his mother aside. Khadija cries a lot and asks Jalason to find something from her sons to encourage her. Jalason takes her to the burnt house and Khadija can only find a marble. Jalason takes her back to Ayesha's house and then cries in the bathroom. Karaja hears her voice from behind the door and her eyes fill up.

Jumali falsely pretends to be talking to someone on the phone in a warehouse. The guards arrive and have a little fight with him. Meanwhile, Jumali picks up the phone of one of them and then thinks of Yamach's number so that he can call him. After several attempts, he finally manages to get Yamach's number. Yamach is surprised to hear his voice and asks him where he is, and Jumali answers: "I'm in hell." People caught me and locked me somewhere. A place like an abandoned factory. When Jumali sees that he cannot explain more so that they can find him, he says to hang up and find a way himself. Yamach also goes to Alicho. A little later, Yamach's phone rings again, and Jomali says that he went to the roof, but he doesn't know where, and there are armed guards down there. He gives them a little direction about the nearby buildings and says that he also installed the pit flag on the roof! Alicho promises to find it.

Mahson gathered his men and prepared them to attack the judge's house. He says that the shooting is free and any of the brothers who are wounded or killed should be brought back in the end. He adds: "Even shoot the women and children, because if you don't, we will lose our brothers like that!" Then he shows everyone the photo of the judge and says that they have no right to return until they have killed him.

According to the plan, Mitten along with Kamal and Madd staged Alki's accident to steal the ambulance that came. On the other hand, according to Yamach's request, Rashid pours medicine into the glass of the guest next to him. He gets confused.


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