A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 338

Pit 119-3

Yamach goes to the neighborhood and sees Alicho there. Alicho says that he no longer has a home and that his house has been taken. Yamach gets upset and they go with him to Alicho's house, which is now a small restaurant. Yamach goes forward and says to the owner: "This is a person's property that you took!" belonging to Alichowa. The owner of the place says: "True, but we are on the side of Uncle Jomali." We rented this place from him. Yamach is not tied to anything and goes back to Alicho and asks him to go to Ummi's house and stay there.

Vartlo goes to Uncle Jumali's order to solve the problem that has arisen. When the one demanding 25 percent of the profits insists on his word, Wartlow angrily kills them all so they don't go overboard.

Yamach, who sees the situation of his friends in the neighborhood, decides to find out a little about Jomali's uncle's work and realizes that their income is really through drugs.

Uncle Jumali goes to him so that Yamach doesn't break up with him and Ummi doesn't tell him anything. Seeing Jomali, Emmi gets angry and curses him and asks him to leave the neighborhood forever as Idris asked him. Jumali says: "But Idris himself told me to come back. He said this is your house too. "Ummi, whose mind is not working properly, believes his words and smiles and says: "That's right. Who am I to want the relationship between two Shukrab brothers to remain? »

Yamach enters the coffee house and sits in front of Uncle Jumali. Wartlow and Nadeem are also there. Yamach asks him to return Alicho's house to him first of all. Jumali accepts. Then Yamach says: "You are my blood too." half of my father Stay and live with us. Let's become a family together, not to tear the family apart. You do not belong here behind this table. Choose a carefree and peaceful life. You ruined the pit, it doesn't smell like a pit here. This is not a small Idris pit. I will return it to its previous state. Whether with you or in spite of you, I will return. Uncle Jumali says after a short pause: "You didn't give me the right to choose, my son." Yamach says seriously: "I am not your son." And he gets up and leaves. Wartlow follows him and tries to talk him into agreeing to this new pit, but Yamach says, "This guy's lying. He doesn't think about our pit at all. Wartlow says: "Yamach, you are wrong." This is true. Come, kiss his hand and accept it. Jumali stared at both of them. Yamach seriously turns to him and says while staring into his eyes: "If I kiss that hand, may God curse my seven great ancestors." »


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