A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 337

Pit 119-2

As Mateen and Yamach walk to the coffee shop, Wartlow steps forward, and when Yamach asks why the neighborhood has changed so much, Wartlow says, "Everybody's happy now! It is not like before that there is always war and fight in the middle. No one remembers the last time they heard gunshots here! Mateen says: "You are looking in the wrong pit!" Wartlow, who is angry, shouts: "I came to help you, but what will happen?" You left me alone! Because you didn't like the fact that the neighborhood has developed so much! And he takes Yamach to the coffee house. A little confused, Yamach says: "I don't know who I should give the right to anymore." Wartlow, who does not want Yamach to make a wrong decision, takes him to the neighborhood and shows him that the other neighborhood is safe.

Ayesha is in the barber shop when the women talk about Yamach's return and say that their husbands are embarrassed and ashamed to see Yamach and they don't have the patience to look at his face. Ayesha brings this news to uncle Jumali at night.

At night, Yamach goes to Jomali's house and talks about Wartlo, Jomali gets angry and says angrily: "Don't mention that guy's name in front of me anymore!" Everything Matin showed you in the neighborhood is the same neighborhood! Yamach asks: "So why are you in this situation, brother?" Jumali gets angry and goes to his room. Yamach asks Damla to tell him what happened.

Ekin is unhappy with the current situation. Karaja goes to him and Akin says: "You are obviously satisfied with these conditions!" "Karaja Haq says: "Because now we are strong and because of this no one can enter our neighborhood! None of you had the strength to stand in front of the enemies. Only Uncle Jumalia is paying attention to us! Akin gets greedy and Ayesha goes towards them to hug them. Ekin leaves the room. Ayesha hugs Karaja. Karaja coldly separates her and when Ayesha sadly asks the reason, Karaja says: "Mom, it's like you're happy without us, that you went and married that guy until uncle gave his permission." Everything is going well for you, don't stress anymore. And he goes.

Damela explains that when Jumali saw that his uncle was trying to bring drugs into the pit, he protested, and at the same time, Jumali was imprisoned and Damela, who was six months pregnant, was also imprisoned. Until the Sultan stepped in, Damla was freed, and Jumali turned his back on Uncle Jumali and sold fruits and vegetables in the market and lived a peaceful life. Then Damla says: "But it's better like this, Yamach." Our life is calm. I used to think that Jumali would not make it to fifty. When Yamach hears this, he goes to Jumali and tells him that he does not need to accompany him and it is better to go to his wife and his life.

The spell is being performed in Payon when Yamach arrives. When the soldiers saw him, they attacked him and beat him severely. Fasun also returns to his room. Jumali reaches out and pulls Yamach out from under their arms and legs. Yamach also goes to Essun's room and says sadly: "Essun, what are you doing here? What are you doing with these guys when my child is in that person's house! "He is my child!" Fazun shouts. Where have you been these three years?! Yamach wants to explain, but Afsun says: "You don't want to say anything." I forgot everything, even myself. There is only masala. Yamach gets excited when he hears that their daughter's name is Masal and goes to Afsun and caresses her face. But Afsun says angrily: "Just don't hurt us." This! If the slightest harm happens to my daughter because of you, I will kill you! And angrily pushes him back and leaves.


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