A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 333



Wartolo's son Idris asks Uncle Jumali to tell him a story. Uncle Jumali kisses him and accepts. Then he asks Idris to put his head on his legs, close his eyes and not ask any questions and just listen. Then he tells his story: "In a far away land there lived a man named Jumali. He had received many wounds, but none of them hurt as much as the one his brother inflicted on him." Idris asks: "Are you calling my grandfather?" Jomali asks him to close his eyes and not ask questions and continues: "One day Jomali went to his brother's neighborhood and his brother and his friends were very happy to see him because they thought he was killed. They didn't know that Jumali has nine years to live. But then, when Jumali wanted to stay in the neighborhood, they said that he cannot stay there and reminded them of the rules of their kingdom. Jumali said he didn't want to go and his brother, who was his blood, shot him several times." Telling this story, Amujumali remembers the moment when Idris shot him in the coffee shop and continues his story with hatred: "Jumali was taken to a doctor and when he was slowly getting better One day, his brother came to him, but not to apologize, but to tell him that I gave your name to my son. Choose another name for yourself and leave here. We dug a grave for you and placed my tombstone. If you leave your foot in my neighborhood one more time, I will kill you... Jumali said to himself, "I will leave, but one day I will come back and I will take the pit you bought for killing me."

In Wartolo neighborhood, he asks Yamach what happened to him and where are his charm and child? Yamach, who doesn't know where this story of going to Fasun and living with him came from, says: "I was not Fasun at all." Vartolo says with surprise: "You yourself sent a message that you are going to him." Yamach says: "I did not do such a thing. If I did, it was forced." He tells his bitter story to Vartolo, and Vartolo angrily blames himself for not pursuing Yamach and saving him because of another message. At the same time, Jumali and Damla pass by them, and Jumali gets angry when he sees Yamach next to Vartolo. Madd also sees them and is happy to see Yamach, but curses Vartolo and makes him more nervous. Yamach asks Vartolo what is the story of Jomali's separation from them and the reason for their differences, and Vartolo says: "I had to go to Afghanistan for work for a year. During this time, Jomali and Uncle Jomali got into trouble together. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't fix them." On the other hand, when Jumali and Damla return home, they see Saadat there, who has hidden himself in the house because of the fear of his uncle. Saadat asks Damla how Asya is and greets them. Jomali, who has cut ties with her family, has a cold attitude towards Saadat and is not happy to see her, and tells her to leave as soon as possible. Damla is also upset by Jumali's words. After leaving, Saadat Jomali, who suspected Damla, asks her: "How did Saadat know that Essie is sick?" Do you talk to each other? Damla admits and says: "We always talked to each other. Saadat has helped me a lot. "I didn't have a family and there was no one to teach me anything about having children, but Saadat was always by my side and helped me."

In the coffee house, Vartolo explains the case of Gulkan's tortures to Amujumali and asks him to take revenge on Yamach. Uncle Jomali hears the story more precisely from Yamach's own words and gets upset and angry. He shows himself ready to take revenge on Yamach and says: "You should not forget the troubles that happened to you. We will avenge you."

Vartolo and Yamach walk in the neighborhood and talk about the time they were away and miss the past. Vartolo jokingly slaps Yamach, and Yamach, who remembers bad memories of Gulkan, grabs him by the throat and shouts, "Don't touch me." Vartolo looks at Yamach sadly and says: "What happened to you Yamach?"

Jalasun, Mecca and Karaja go to Shujauddin's place together to settle scores with him. Jalason and Mecca ask Karaja to sit in the car and wait until they finish Shujauddin's work and return. Karaja reluctantly agrees, but when Jalason and Mecca clash with Shujauddin's henchmen inside Shujauddin's place, Karaja arrives to help them. He leaves Mecca on his own to trap Shujauddin himself. Karaja traps Shojauddin while he is about to get into his car and run away and points his gun at him. At the same time, one of Shujauddin's wounded men aims at Karaja to protect his boss by killing him. Jalason shields himself from Karaja and gets shot. Karaja, who is enraged by Jalason's shooting, shoots Shujauddin several times and then takes Jalason to a house together with Mecca, and Mecca removes the bullet from Jalason's body.


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