A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 33

Pit 3-38

Sena has returned to his home. He sees his other ring link and thinks maybe Yamach brought them to him, but Darren says he didn't tell Yamach. A little later, Sena realizes from Daren's expressions that his mind is busy with something and asks why. "There is a boy downstairs," Darren says a little embarrassed. He came to help. We talked until the morning..." Sena, realizing that Daren likes your idea, asks him to go downstairs so that Daren can see your idea and get to know each other better. Darren teases a little but finally happily agrees. They go downstairs, but there is no news of your thoughts, and a young boy named Aghdar opens the door, and when they find out about your thoughts, Aghdar says that he does not know such a person. Daren is a little disappointed, but he sends a message to you: We came to see you, but we didn't find you. Mahsoun sees his message and gets upset, but then he calls him and says that Aadhar is his roommate and he made up a lie and then cheerfully says that they should come to his house in half an hour and even give them coffee. will take

Cheto went to a party on the ship at the invitation of his friend Rajman and is waiting for Mahsoun to join them, but Mahsoun calls him and says that he will come a little later.

Idris asks Alicho did Salim bring him? And Alicho answers in the affirmative and says that he saw Salim when he went to see Maleeha Khanum. Sultan also sits there and hears this and Idris stares at him a little! Suddenly, Sultan throws the bowl of soup he was holding on the ground and the bowl breaks into a thousand pieces.

Mahsoun immediately rushes to the house and after beating him, he threatens him and says: "This is not your house anymore, it's my house!" Then he ties his hands and feet and even his mouth and imprisons him in the storeroom of the house and tells him not to make a sound. A little later, Deren comes alone to Mahsoun's house, and Mahsoun, who is waiting for Sena, asks Deren: "Sena is not there, isn't it?" Daren hesitates a little and says: "You didn't like me, did you?" Mahsoun says: "No, no, I didn't mean that." I want to make coffee, that's why I asked. Daren, who seems to be satisfied, enters the house and they talk and Mahsoun brings him coffee and takes fortune telling for him.

Chetu is confused inside the ship and when he sees the ship approaching the shore, he asks Rahman: "Mahsoun hasn't come yet. Why are we getting close to the beach? Rahman happily says: "One of my friends wants to see you." Don't be too hard. Chatto gets angry and at this moment Rashid Fazlullah along with his men first shoot all those inside the ship and then take Chatto with him.

After seeing Yildiyez, Jomali leaves him to Kamal to take him back to the pit, and he himself decides to take a walk and get some fresh air. He reaches a secluded place and realizes that two people are following him, but when he is ready to fight with them, four people appear in front of them and Jumali has to surrender.

In the morning, when Jalason goes to the car, he realizes that the car is gone and Methe is unconscious on the ground. For a moment Jalason thinks Mete is dead but she opens her eyes and Jalason hugs her.

In the morning, when Kamal leaves their house, he sees Jumali's rosary hanging on the door. He shows the rosary to Yamach. Wartlow gets up and says: "This means God bless you!" I told you how many times this guy is dangerous, you didn't listen to me! For a person as big as that, it's ridiculous, it's obvious that they will get it. »

Jumali wakes up in a warehouse and asks the guards behind the door to bring him breakfast. On the other hand, a familiar voice says that he also wants breakfast. Jumali realizes that he is not alone and that someone else is imprisoned on the other side of the wall. Jumali calls her through the tube and says: "I'm glad I'm not alone!" "The voice is Chetu's voice, but Jomali has never seen him or heard his voice and says: "Exactly. »

Wartlow and Yamach go to Rashid Fazullah and Rashid says to them: "Did you change your mind?" Yamach says: "Rashid Fadlullah, are you an honest person?" Wartlow looks meaningfully at Yamach. When Rashid says what does he mean? "I am an honest person," says Yamach. When I said that the money is not in our hands, I was telling the truth. But you worked hard and even though you could have asked us to come to you, you came to us yourself. But I understand what you mean. I also understood who you are and how serious you are. And I realized that if I tell you a lie, it is because of my stupidity. So now I can honestly say that we don't have your money. Rashid points to his guard, and when the guard puts his hand into his pocket, Wartlow notices and immediately says: "Give us a moment, sir." We are really the victims of a conspiracy. Yes, we don't have your money, but maybe we can do something else for you instead of him." Yamach, who was surprised by Wartlow's words, quietly asked him in his ear: "The party just said okay, where did you get this? Wartlow answers: "He wanted to call, kill your brother!" Yamach, since you never gave the order to kill anyone before, you don't understand! Rashid Fazullah says: "We have a problem in Turkey that needs to be solved." That's why I came here from my own city. The head of the Mon tribe, Qazi Saifuddin, is celebrating the circumcision ceremony of his youngest son here. I want to be killed! After a short pause, he continued: "There is enmity between us because of a series of issues... I want him to be killed and no one to know that I am involved in this matter." If you do this, your debt will be cleared and your brother will be freed. Yamach asks: "What if we can't?" Rashid answers: "You can't... you will most likely die!" If you can afford it, five million will be your solution. Wartlow immediately agrees and Yamach is stunned.

Yamach, along with Vartlo, Madd, Kamal, and Mateen, go to the top of a hill and from there they observe the place that is the celebration of Qazi Saifuddin, but they all agree that this job cannot be guarded by all these people. A little further, Mahsoun and his men are monitoring the building.

Jomali doesn't stop and says to Cheto through the tube: "I'm going out of here anyway." If you come with me, there will be two of us and we will die harder... What do you think? Chetu says: "I'm all right, my dad!" »


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