A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 328



One day, when Yamach took the sheep to graze, Uncle and Alicho, who have finally approached Yamach after searching for a long time, come to him to ask for his help, but they cannot recognize him. Alicho carefully looks at Yamach and asks what his name is, and Yamach says he doesn't know. He takes Uncle and Alicho to a stone house and gives them bread and cheese to eat a little and relieve their fatigue. Uncle Yekariz is talking loudly to Idris and is reminiscing about his past, suddenly his eyes fall on the mark of a pit covered in dirt on the wall. When Uncle and Alicho take a closer look and make sure that the sign is Godel's sign, they say to Yamach with displeasure: "You Yamachi. What's wrong with you?" They say that they have been looking for him for a long time and introduce themselves, but Yamach just looks at them with surprise and says, "My name is not Yamach." Annoyed by the words of uncle and Alicho, he runs out of the room.

Ramin, the same young boy who was harassing Yamach, goes to the Afghan man and says to him in Turkish: "Those people who gave you money did not give me anything." It was crazy, now there are three of them. Why should I tolerate them in this village? Tomorrow after tomorrow, the village will be filled with crazy people. Out of greed, he goes to Alicho and Amo and beats them with a stick. Alicho shouts Yamach's name and asks for help. Yamach reaches them and beats Ramin and then tells Alicho that he remembered his name and his name is Yamach. On the way back to Istanbul, Alicho explains to Yamach that they are actually in Diyarbakir and that he has been in Turkey the whole time.

Afsun sings in a cabaret and Nizam always sits in one of the chairs and watches her closely so that she doesn't make a mistake. Afsun attracts many customers to the cabaret with her good voice and beauty, and Nizam earns good money from this way. Even though Afsun hates the system, he listens to all his orders. Along with his bodyguards, Nizam puts Afsun in the car and on the way home, he promises to sing Afsun to a man and tells him behind the line: "Her voice is very good." Read it once and you will get sick. His rumor must have reached there too." As soon as they reach home, Nizam tells Afsun, "Run." Your time has started now." Afsun rushes to one of the rooms in the house and angrily asks the nurse to go out. The nurse leaves the room with Nizam's gesture, and Afsun goes to her two-year-old daughter, kisses and hugs her, and sings a lullaby to her in the short time she is by her side. A little later, Nizam opens the room door and tells Afsun that his time is up and Afsun has to say goodbye to his daughter and leaves the room. One of the members of Nizam takes Afson to the basement of the house and imprisons him like every day.

On the other hand, Yamach, Alicho and Amu, who are walking towards Istanbul, light a fire on the way and sleep there next to it. In his dream, Yamach sees images of his parents and brothers and spells, and when he wakes up, he sits near a tree and thinks. Uncle goes to him and Yamach says: "I see some pictures. But I don't know them. I don't remember anything." Uncle says: "Breathe my son." you are young You will remember the pictures piece by piece, don't worry." Uncle, who had known Yamach for a few moments, regains his memory and starts asking questions. In the morning, Alicho, Uncle, and Yamach continue on their way, and Yamach says that he is hungry. None of them have money. Alicho looks at the cars all the way and remembers their license plates. He tells the men in a coffee shop: "If I can tell you the license plate numbers of the cars around here, give me one lira for each number, and if I can't, I'll give you one lira." The men accept and ask their questions, and Alicho answers all the questions correctly. Everyone is surprised and claps for him and gives him money as agreed. Alicho, Yamach and Uncle go to the canteen to eat something. Yamach gives him uncle's food himself and tells Alicho: "Uncle and I talked last night." We are very close. I feel but I can't remember."


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