A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 327



On Gulkan's order, Yamach is imprisoned in a standing coffin for weeks, only a hole is opened in front of his eyes so that he can breathe and survive. After a few weeks, Gulkan takes him out of the coffin and imprisons him again in the stone room. Yamach, who has become thin and weak and doesn't even have the chance to think about running away, whispers his father's words to himself, saying: "You can. Show everyone that you are my son." After months, Yamach becomes thinner and thinner, his hair grows longer and his beard is always shaved by Gulkan's order. To torture him, Gulkan plays a loud, ear-splitting and maddening sound in the stone room. Among the voices, Yamach hears his father's voice ordering him to be strong and not to forget his name. The beatings and annoying ear-splitting noises and prolonged monologues continue. Every time the door of the room opens, Yamach hides in a corner and trembles when he sees Gulkan. However, every time Gulkan asks his name, Yamach answers, "I am Little Yamach." At night, Yamach sits in the dark and repeats the names of his family members so that he does not forget them. He draws the name of the family and the sign of the pit on the walls of the room with a small piece of charcoal. One night he runs away and Gulkan throws him into a black hole to punish him and asks: "What is your name?" Yamach says with fear: "Whatever you say is the same." OK." Gulkan repeats his question and Yamach answers: "Little Yamach." He is imprisoned in a black hole for months, and slowly his delusions begin. The torture continues until one day Gulkan gets what he wants. After beating Yamach, he repeats his usual question and asks: "What is your name?" Yamach answers: "Cockroach." Gulkan smiles and after hearing this word, leaves him in the same stone room, collects his things and leaves. Even after Gulkan leaves, Yamach, who is terrified, does not dare to come out of the stone room. Finally, one day, he slowly leaves the room and goes near the house of an Afghan man. A young boy throws a stone at Yamach and Yamach cowers in a corner and looks at the boy with fear. The Afghan man says to that boy: "What is wrong with this crazy person?" leave him." He gives a piece of bread to Yamach and after that he goes to the stone house every day and takes some food for Yamach. Weeks pass and Yamach becomes a shepherd in that village. Every day, he repeats his new name, Susk, to himself, and shaves his beard, remembering Gulkan's words that he ordered him to shave his beard every morning, otherwise he will look bad.


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