A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 326



Vartolo arrives in Istanbul one day after Ekin's wedding, and Uncle Jumali greets him and says cheerfully: "I will not let you return from exile like an orphan." You yourself said that I am half of my father. From here on, I will take you to the pit." Vartolo is happy to welcome Uncle Jumali and they go to the pit together. The visit of Vartolo and Madd and Qurban Sadaqa Madd's many trips to Vartolo upsets Uncle Jumali. Vartolo asks Madd to kiss uncle's hand and tell Yamach and Jumali to come to see uncle. Vartolo goes to Saadat's house and contrary to his expectations, Saadat treats him well and thanks God for his return. Saadat tells the story of the trouble that the sultan bewitched and says that because he could not bear Yamach's discomfort, he told him the truth and that Yamach had a fight with his mother last night and went to look for the enchantment. Vartolo gives Yamach the right and says: "Yamach has never thought of his own benefit and neither do the others. Jumali shot him and my mom gave him a suitcase and took him out of the pit. Even then Yamach fought for Gudal and his family. Now he has done a good job and left."

Uncle Jumali goes to Idris's room and sits behind his desk. When Jumali enters the room and sees him on his father's chair, he gets nervous and says, "Our guest did not understand where to sit." Vartolo tells him that that man is Uncle Jumali. Jumali, who had already dug his grave and noticed that it was empty, quickly believes Vartolo's words, but still looks at his uncle with surprise. Vartolo tells the story of his meeting with Uncle Jumali, and Jumali, whose face is still confused and unable to communicate with his sudden presence, says to him: "I haven't digested this matter yet." Now that you are my father's brother and you are alive, why did my father make a grave for you?" After talking for a while, uncle Jomali says while going to Jomali: "There is a lot of time to talk about these things. Thank God we found each other. Tell me if you need anything. You are the sons of Idris, I will do whatever I can for you." Uncle says goodbye and leaves, and Jumali, who is still not in love with him, gets more confused after seeing the scene of Nadim getting into uncle's car. Uncle Jumali tells Nadeem: "Saleeh became like my son, but Jumali obviously does not want to put me in his father's place and does not obey me." It should be removed. Madad also involves a lot of good minds. Arrange that too."

Vartolo goes to Salim's grave and blames himself with tears and says: "Didn't you leave because I left you alone?" If I hadn't gone, maybe it wouldn't have happened like this. You said we are half of each other. Now how can I live without my other half, Salim?" Madd comes to Vartolo and comforts him.

Alicho and Uncle, whose Alzheimer's disease has worsened, approach Vartolo and say they are worried about Yamach. Vartolo says: "Why don't you stop?" I will call him, if he doesn't want to come, don't insist anymore." He calls Yamach's phone, but Gulkan doesn't answer, and in order not to track Yamach's family, he gives Vartolo a message on Yamach's behalf and writes: "I will leave with a charm and build a new life." When they take the magic out of the house like that, they will lose me. Say hello to my family and tell them not to worry about me." Vartolo is happy with Yamach's decision and says: "That's right. Yamach should not end up like Salim." Alicho doesn't believe and says: "No." We have to find Yamacho. Yamach didn't talk like that, they must greet me." Vartolo gets angry and says: "Stop Yamach." Let him live his life." Nevertheless, Alicho and Uncle decide to look for Yamach.

In an abandoned village in Afghanistan, Gulkan imprisoned Yamach in a small stone house and put thick chains around his neck, hands and feet. Yamach takes care of the charm and Gulkan tells him: "Don't think about the charm because you can't reach it anymore." Your life will change from today. You made me lonely and my uncle died because of you. Of course, I didn't like some of them, but I liked Egda. You are mine from now on. Your family will never find you."

Jenak and another of Gulkan's men enter the stone room every day after wearing a black mask on their faces and beat Yamach thoroughly. Gulkan finds a cockroach on the ground and shows it to Yamach and says: "You are not Yamach anymore. From now on, your name is going to be Susk." He makes a weak acid and puts it on the pit tattoo on Yamach's chest every day and says, "There are stronger acids that speed things up, but I thought we were in no rush." Too much time." Gulkan repeats this every day.


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