A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 322



Karaja and Afsun return home after working in the kitchen and Sultan opens the door for them and stares at Afsun with hatred. Afsun asks the reason for his reproachful look, and Sultan slaps him on the face, grabs his hair and drags him to the courtyard door. Karaja and Ayesha try to stop the Sultan, but he does not allow anyone to interfere. Afsun cries and asks Sultan to let her go, but Sultan kicks her out of the house and angrily tells her: "You killed my husband and slept with my son." I have never seen a harlot like you. get lost If I see you here again, I swear I will kill you." Afsun walks away crying and calls Yamach. Yamach, who is talking to Iskandar, does not respond to the spell. On the other hand, Gulkan, who is enchanted by Chaatai, the trapping agent, and is watching the house of the Kochvalis, immediately goes to him when he sees the enchantment on the street and forcibly takes his gun with him.

Yamach explains everything to Iskandar and says that they were forced to leave Yasmin and Ekin alone in the same house and did not intend to insult them. Iskandar puts his gun on the table and says, "In our customs and traditions, this problem has only one solution." Yamach also puts his gun on the table and says: "According to our custom, if a guest shelters us, we protect him." Ekin wants to say something, but Yamach doesn't allow him, and while staring at Iskandar seriously, he says, "Do you want to kill people in my neighborhood?" Huh?” In the meantime, Ekin dares himself and says to Yasmin: "Will you marry me?" Everyone stares at him with astonishment, and Ekin turns to Iskandar and says, "If Yasmin agrees to marry me, it will be halal for me, won't it?" Iskandar confirms and Ekin repeats his proposal. Yasmin smiles and accepts. Iskandar, Jomali and Yamach, who have realized that they really like each other, are happy and talk about the dowry and the wedding ceremony.

Gulkan takes Afsun to Chaatai and Chaatai says to Afsun: "You and I had made a date with each other. You may not have forgotten. Because I remember how you kissed me." Efsun pulls back and hatefully says, "Shut up." I have no promise or date with you. I'd rather die than be with you." Chaatai says: "Are you sure? There is nothing worse than death, but people like you have to experience it to understand." He calls Gulkan and asks him to take the spell to his own hell. Gulkan says: "Are you sure? There is no way back." Chaatai says that he is sure of his decision.

Under the pretext of working with Yamach, Morteza goes to see Ayesha's house. Seeing him, Ayesha loses her arms and legs and asks him to leave. Morteza tells her away from the eyes of others: "Ayesha, I missed you so much. I'm leaving, but I promise to come back."

Two people Yamach and Jomali attack Chaai's house and fight with his guards. Both Gulkan and Chaatai are at home and they go to the backyard after hearing the news of the attack. Gulkan gives an address to Chaatai and tells him: "You go here." safe When I find a better place, I will let you know to get out of there. I want to deal with these little things first." After Chaatai leaves, Jomali and Yamach confront Gulkan in the yard and point their guns at him. Gulkan raises his hands and says: "Let's make an agreement." I want Chaatayo's death and you want the same. Instead, we have to part ways for now. We don't have to kill or anything like that." Yamach promises him not to kill him, and Gulkan also gives Yamach the address of Chaai's new hiding place. After getting the address, Yamach shoots Gulkan in the leg and tells him: "I just promised that I won't kill you."

Jumali and Yamach go to the basement where Chaatai is hiding and trap him. Chaata, who has already felt the danger and fear is clearly visible on her face, tries to pour her last poison by remembering Salim's death. Yamach and Jumali hang him from the ceiling with a rope. At the same time, Akin, who is not well yet, arrives with Mateen and wants to play a role in avenging his father. He puts the story book that Salim read to him when he was nine years old in front of Chaatai and says: "My father read this book to me and asked me not to read it again." I have never read it and I don't know what it says. It is enough that my father read it to me once. I don't have many things. That's why this book is very valuable to me, so be careful here." Chaatai looks at him mockingly. Yamach placed a mine right under Chaatai's feet and placed an iron plate on top of it, which Chaatai's feet hit. "As long as you can keep your balance, this mine will not explode," he says. It means that the more you maintain your balance, the more you will survive." The Kochavalis, who know that the mine will finally explode, leave there, and Chaatai says to Yamach: "Don't you want to hear my last words?" Yamach turns to him and Chaatai triumphantly says a few sentences in a foreign language. When Yamach moves away from him, Chaatai also releases himself and the mine explodes.


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