A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 32

Pit part 2-38

Chatto calls Jalason to do something for him and tells Dori because of his burnt house and continues: "You think that Chokur is a lie for us. But we care about you. Matin and Kamal have not gone home for several days. Where can they be!.. Yesterday around 3 o'clock, Zulfi, Ahmad, Jalason and his men disappeared. Does that mean everyone is going somewhere together or am I hallucinating?! Jalason looks at him worriedly and says: "Brother, I don't care who is doing what and where he is." I myself am here." Chatto looks at him a bit and says, “Whatever now. Do you know why I called you?... Your house is on fire and you need money.." He continued to say the same thing and made an introduction, when Jalason said in the middle of his speech: "Why should I kill you, brother? Cheto looks at him with a smile and says: "Where are Yamach and Jomali Kochvali?" Your uncles threatened me! They should not have done this. Now I can give you the coffee house in exchange for what you do for me. If it's not enough, I'll give you a house..." And then he gives Jalason a loaded gun. Jalason takes the gun and stares at Chetu with hatred.

Early in the morning, Jumali wakes everyone up and takes them to a cafe to change their mood and talk. A little later, Kholot Cafe is deserted and Rashid Fazlullah arrives with his men. He introduces himself and says: "The people you killed last night were my people, but one of them escaped from you." You even killed my nephew... according to our law, I have to kill you all now... but I want my money, which is in your hand. Yamach says: "Mr. Rashid, your money is not in our hands." We took the wallet but it was full of papers. If it was up to us, I would give it to you now. Jomali mockingly says, "But if you want, we can give you the papers!" Rashid Fazlullah stares at him for a while and then gets up and says: "If you change your mind, I'm your little Ayasofia!" Wartlow says: "We will collect the money as soon as possible and deliver it to you, don't worry at all." "Everyone stares at him in surprise and Wartlow says: "This guy is different from the ones you knew. That's why we have to find the money immediately and deliver it. And in response to Jumali who asks whose side he is on, he says: "This person is the owner of a clan of 50,000 people." There are guns the size of all the guns you have never seen in your life. I mean, they can make us poor very easily! »

When Sena shows him the video he and Yamach made for Sultan. Sultan smiles seeing them together.

Jomali asks Kamal to take Yildiz out of Chokur and bring him to the place he says. Kamal picks up Yildiz from the streets of Chokur at night and takes him to the place Jomali said. Yildiz and Jomali smile when they see each other and Jomali takes him to a cafe for tea and they talk about the past and when the Sultan did not allow Jomali to marry Yildiz who was a widow and had three children. get married

Alicho is wearing a suit and holding a bouquet of flowers. He has gone to the hospital to see Maleeha Khanum, but Salim is sitting in his place, who also came to see Maleeha, but he is not there. They are surprised to see each other and at first Alicho doesn't talk to him, but little by little they start talking. Salim says that he was able to get to know Maleeha Khanum because of Alicho, and Alicho remembers that he found a photo in Hale's house that had written on the back: from "M" to "A" I wish I were the seeds of your rosary and I would stay by your side forever. .. Salim says: "A" is Idris and "M" is the same Maleeha Khanum... Maleeha Khanum helped me a lot and listened to my words and told me to go to your father... Alicho mentions the name of Idris and Salim says "He was not happy to see me. He will be happy to see you... take you to him? Alicho agrees. Salim takes him to the door of the house. Idris sees Alicho and happily hugs him and brings him soup.

Jalason and his men go to the house from where they are going to steal the car and knock the guard unconscious and steal the car with any difficulty. Then they put the car in a warehouse and leave it to the driller so that in the morning he will pay attention to the car and not let the black lambs smell the car.