A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 318



Jumali goes to the coffee shop and sits on the usual chair and when he hears the sound of the horn, he realizes that there is something under his chair. He asks Fayaz to take a look under the chair, and from Fayaz's fearful look, he is sure that a bomb has been placed under his chair.

Akin is in Balaser Yasmin hospital and the doctor tells him about Yasmin's condition: "There is a shrapnel in Yasmin's head. If we don't do it, there is a possibility of paralysis, and on the other hand, the operation is also dangerous." Yasmin says that when she was a child, a bomb exploded next to her and the doctors could not remove the shrapnel from her head. Akin is very upset to hear these things. After the doctor leaves the room, Akin notices that a bomb has been placed behind the door. Unable to open the door anymore, he goes to the windows and sees that the windows have bars and there is no way to escape from there. He tries to show himself cool in front of Yasmin and not to scare Yasmin.

When Yamach enters the coffee shop and sees Jomali's condition, he curses their security and asks Fayaz to call Farhad so that he can defuse the bomb. Fayaz and Mateen go to Farhad, but they realize that the soldering machine has exploded in his face and Farhad cannot help. Yamach remembers Vartolo that he could help them if he was. Jomali, who is angry about his situation and cannot stand still, hears Vartolo's name and says to him: "Yes, your father's son claimed that he got his head off the landmine and hung over the landmines and these things... but now that it is necessary We don't have it." Yamach defends Vartolo and says sarcastically: "No, he is sitting in a jacuzzi in Afghanistan and packing." On the other hand, in Afghanistan, Vartolo, who is sheltering between the mountains with a gun in his hand and with his face covered in fire, screams from the bottom of his heart: You sent me here. What am I doing among these damned mountains of Afghanistan?

Yamach, who doesn't care about the bomb and whose only hope is Farhad, gets confused when he hears the news of his hand and face being burned and goes to Alicho. A few minutes ago, Alicho was also stuck sitting on his bombed chair and he also cannot get up and needs help himself. Yamach gets upset and nervous seeing his condition and asks him not to move at all and stay there.

Chaata prepares to kill Seren and asks him for his phone. Seren went to Yamach a few days ago and told him: "Chaatai is going to find me and kill me and I can't run away from him. On the other hand, I don't want to be a loser. I don't know where it is, but you can find out. I want you to find him and kill him." Yamach had brought Seren to Farhad and Farhad connected a software to his phone and said that if the side button of his phone is pressed, the location of the phone will be sent to Farhad. Before leaving, Seren had asked Yamach to take care of Arik's favorite horse, Shamshak. Now Seren, who is standing in front of Chaatai, presses the phone button before handing it to Chaatai. The location is sent to Farhad's computer, but Farhad is in the hospital and does not notice it.

After spending his hard day in Afghanistan, Vartolo enters the tent where he is staying and angrily says to Iskandar: "I went for the operation, but this general I was supposed to kill did not come. My father was taken out, but he was not found. No one noticed my presence, so how did they know? If there are no spies among your people, then how do you know that I am there?" Iskander ignores his words and says that there is a more important issue. He puts Vartolo next to him and says: "This is Akin, you stay in the same house with Yasmin. According to our customs, either Akin must marry Yasmin or I will kill Yasmin." Vartolo gets upset and blames Alexander for his way of thinking.

Mecca and Jalason decide to try their luck before it explodes and take a risk to save the pit and themselves. Jalason throws the grenade in his hand towards the locked door, and the grenade explodes after two or three seconds and opens the way for them by destroying the door.

Little women go to the neighborhood kitchen to cook, and Sultan takes Afsun with him to get to know the neighborhood. Fasun, who has never done any of these things, is forced to cook in a pit and distribute food to people. He blames Yamach in his heart for this situation. On the other hand, Gulkan is also following Chaatai's request. Jumali tries hard to hide the bomb incident from Damla and her mother and only asks them to stay away from her.

In the hospital, Yasmin gets up from the bed and takes a look at the bomb behind the door and with a confident and determined face asks Akin to find a pair of scissors for her. Akin looks at him in surprise.