A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 317



Yamach goes to the laundry room of the hotel to find Genghis and there he meets the masked man. The masked man invites Yamach to a hand-to-hand fight by showing his fighting moves, and Yamach smiles and moves forward. The masked man is so skilled and strong that Yamach can't do anything and just takes a beating. Just at the moment when the masked man is about to finish Yamach's job, Jumali arrives and shoots him with a few shots to make him run away. Kochvalis and youths who have failed in their operation again return to the neighborhood with scarred heads and faces. Jalason remembers that he was beaten by a masked man when he was guarding the forest, and probably during that time, Genghis and Chaatai had a chance to escape. He feels guilty about this and goes back to the forest in front of the hotel to inform Yamach if there is any news.

The masked man goes to Chaatai's safe house and takes his day's wages. On the other hand, Gulkan also arrives at that house and Chaatai ironically condoles Egdai's death. Gulkan says to Chaatai with artificial sadness: "I offer my condolences to you. But you collected yourself very soon." Chaatai says: "Are you going to Eriko?" He died a long time ago. Gulkan answers with a smile: "No." I will take Olga." Chaata, who was not aware of her mother's death, has a confused look on her face. He takes Gulkan to Genghis and asks them to put aside their ambiguities and move forward together in this situation. Chaatai tells Genghis that the masked man alone managed to defeat Yamach and his gang. Genghis is happy and says: "Good." So our next step is to send this man to Gudal to bring us Yamachu's head." Chaatai disagrees and says: "No." First, we have to retreat and count the damage." Genghis, who is very encouraged by the recent victory, shouts angrily: "You take the damage yourself." This person played with my eyebrows. I will not leave this unanswered. I'll show everyone who Genghis Jordan is, I'll show him, I'll show you too. I will bury them all alive." Chaatai and Gulkan have their eyes on Genghis, but they don't pay attention to his words. Gulkan removes his scornful gaze from Genghis, who is in the middle of a speech, and nods his head to Chaata as a sign of approval.

When Yamach goes home, you are saddened by his bloody clothes and say: "You came to my house wounded many times, but you didn't have someone else's blood on your clothes at that time. Now I have to tell myself how many people my love has killed and returned home tonight? Yamach tells him: "I have never lied to you. This is the reality of my life. "I will both bleed and bleed to protect the pit."

Chaatai takes Genghis back to the hotel and tells him that the masked man will also be there to protect him. Chengz says to Chaatai: "I don't want you to talk about me anymore. Come tomorrow so we can have a meeting and tell you what the plan is." Chaatai accepts. When Genghis goes to the bathroom, Chaatai leaves the hotel and asks Gulkan to start the work. Gulkan calls Yamach at that moment and tells him: "If you go to the hotel now, you will meet a man wearing silk pajamas and a thick and bald mustache." The expiration date has passed, take it, crumple it and throw it away. There is no trap." Yamach says: "If your words are true, I promise I won't kill you." Gulkan, who accepted Nadeem's offer, says to himself: "I don't need your words at all." Jalason also calls Yamach and confirms Gulkan's statements and says that Genghis is alone in the hotel.

Yamach goes to the hotel that night with Jomali, Ekin and Jalason. Upon hearing her voice, Genghis runs out of the bathroom and goes to the guards. Instead of the guards, the little ones enter from every door, and when Genghis sees himself surrounded, he shouts loudly and says, "Enough." Finish it." Yamach ties Genghis's hands and feet to a chair and puts glue on his mouth. He attaches a syringe full of poison to Genghis' hand and puts a gun with one bullet on Genghis's side table and says: "You didn't give us a choice, but I will give you the right to choose." Genghis beats himself this way and that and wants to speak but he can't. Yamach, Jumali and Akin are watching him and Sam is getting closer to Reg Genghis every moment. Before the poison enters his body, Genghis forces his hand to the gun and shoots himself in the head after a loud scream.


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