A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 316



On the order of Chaatai, Morteza was again arrested and imprisoned, and he was severely beaten by his men. Chaatai goes to Morteza and Morteza says to him: "Mr. Chaatai, I am a happy and small person who wants nothing but my barbecue and kebab." I will do whatever you say." Chaata smiles and says: "I know." That is why you are still alive. I want you to go to the pit and chase Yamach for me." Morteza willingly accepts.

Ekin apologizes to Yamach for the ill-timed attack on the Ardantha hotel and tells him: "I get blood in front of my eyes at times like this and I can't wait and find the right way." "My ears are whistling." Yamach says: "Do you think you are the only one like this? I'm the same as you, but I always stop myself at the last moment. Because my brother Salim always stopped me when I was in danger. Because he quickly understood the smell of danger and could always recognize the right way. Try to be like your father."

Nadim goes to the bar where Gulkan is having fun to talk to him. He says to Gulkan: "I know you. You are one of the two princes of an empire that is being overthrown. The little ones put you in their black list. If you want to survive, you better cooperate with my client. He will help you and even give you a chance to take revenge on the little ones."

When Yamach is at home, Chaatai calls him and asks for the charm from him to provoke Yamach to go for the charm by reminding Avery that he is still looking for the charm. Yamach really can't bear the worry and quickly moves towards the house where he hid the charm. Chaatai also asks Morteza to chase Yamach. When Yamach arrives at that house, he asks Afson to get ready to go to the house of the small ones. Afsun disagrees and fights with Yamach over this issue. Yamach explains the reason for his decision by saying that Chaatai has returned, and Afsun, who was afraid after hearing Chaatai's name, submits to Yamach's decision. Yamach brings Afsun home and tells Sultan: Afsun must live here for a while. There is also something you should know. She is pregnant from me." The sultan is upset, but accepts the charm with good humor. Efsun has a strange feeling in their house and only prays that Yamach will return home soon. On the other hand, Morteza informs Chaatai that Afsun has gone to the house of Kochvalis.

Chaatai calls Gulkan and tells him: "If you want to survive, you better come to the hotel." Gulkan says: "I want to tell you to go and get lost, but my mind says don't be stupid, Gulkan, the other side is telling you."

Sultan asks Karaja to take the charm to Yamach's room and show him there. Karaja is suspicious of the enchantment but does not want to believe that she is the same enchantment that was involved in Idris's death and is in a relationship with Yamach, so he watches her closely and tells her when he shows her Yamach's room. "We usually take the guests to the guest room. I don't know why my grandmother told me to bring you here." He can't bear it and asks Afsun's name, and when he finds out her name, he leaves the room in shock and behind the door happily says under his breath: "Yojel and Akin and Afsun, Yujel is dead, but Afsun and Akin are here." This is very good."

When it gets dark, Yamach and the youths of the neighborhood attack the hotel again through the forest. The whistling and blinding of the hotel arouses everyone's suspicions. They encounter traps in the forest that the masked man has set to stop and scare them. One of the young men's foot gets stuck in the big iron blades and a big mace suddenly hits Jumali's chest and injures him. Despite all this, Yamach and others continue on their way. The masked man is watching them through the cameras he has installed in the forest. When the Gudal youths reach the entrance of the hotel, they easily enter the hotel by killing several guards. They go to every room to catch Genghis, but there is no sign of Genghis.


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